Sunday, November 21

Lowrie: "I'm an everyday middle infielder"

According to"I don't think I'm a utility player. I believe that I'm an everyday middle infielder," Lowrie said in a phone interview. "I'm more comfortable in the middle of the field, just because of the experience that I have at those positions. I've played the majority of my professional career at shortstop. I played three years at second base in college, some second in my pro career – probably 50-50 with second base and third base. I'm certainly more comfortable in the middle."

Easy Jed, pump the breaks fella. While I like the confidence, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

I realize you're not going to tell the truth and say "I'm ridiculously injury prone, have strung together all of 15 straight quality games, and my GM hates my guts", but still, the quote sounds a little too diva-like for someone who can't stay on a major league diamond.

Much of this is likely a result of Lowrie's name being floated around in trade talks, but there is no need for what as of right now is clear false advertisement. We all want you to stay healthy and do well, but let's take baby steps.

Winter meetings are on the horizon, my tail is wagging.

Monday, November 8

Best. News. Ever. Sunday Night Baseball is Back in Play Jon Miller and Joe Morgan's 21-year run on ESPN's "Sunday Night Baseball" is over.

Morgan's contract is expiring and he will not be renewed. Miller's contract is also expiring though he may remain at ESPN working the "Sunday Night Baseball" series and postseason baseball for ESPN Radio.

"Jon and Joe have contributed greatly to the success of 'Sunday Night Baseball' for the past 21 seasons," ESPN executive vice president Norby Williamson said in a statement Monday. "Over the last two decades, Joe went from Hall of Fame player to one of his sport's top analysts and Jon's Hall of Fame voice and tremendous knowledge of the game have connected with baseball fans everywhere. We owe them our deepest thanks for an outstanding body of work."

Miller, the play-by-play voice, received the Baseball Hall of Fame's 2010 Ford C. Frick Award. Morgan, the color commentator, was a two-time National League MVP with the Cincinnati Reds. The second baseman was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1990.

I honestly can't control my excitement right now. Sunday night baseball is in play again. No more watching muted baseball with ITMwife looking at me like I'm completely insane.

T Murph and I have been complaining/making fun of these two since Nam'. And by Nam' I mean since we were sinking Coca Cola's like Bush Lights and eating PB&J sandwiches in T Murph's childhood living room.

Regardless of how bad your Monday was, today is a win for everyone, and certainly a massive victory for the game of baseball.

Tuesday, November 2

100 days (or so) Until Pitchers and Catchers - Youk Sounds Ready

Really? The Giants won the World Series and Edgar Renteria was the MVP? While it makes me want to punch myself in the face, it also restores a little faith in the game of baseball. The Giants (and especially Renteria) had no business being there, but baseball doesn't make sense, which is why I love it.

9 different teams winning the world series in the last 10 years doesn't make much sense either given all the bitching we do about payrolls, but somehow, it's true.

That said, it's time for the Sox to start preparing the world to return to normalcy. Youk looks and sounds ready. Only about 100 days until pitchers and catchers.

ITM will be returning to Ft Myers in March, time to get focused.

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