Sunday, August 17

Beckett gets lit up in the 1st

This is concerning. Josh Beckett missed his spots and flat out got crushed on all of his pitches in the first inning against a Toronto lineup that coming into the game wouldn't scare the teams playing in the little league world series right now. He hit a batter, the sox committed two fielding mishaps and Toronto took advantage of it.

The poor performance in the first caused the Sox to get David Ardsma up in the early sign that Tito and Farrel saw something wrong or Beckett could be injured to some extent. As a manager, you don't usually get a reliever up in the bullpen in the first when your ace is out there, it shows the pitcher you have no confidence in him.

Buchholz's shoulder was also tapped in the dugout to go get ready. He was scheduled to pitch today but was pushed back with Friday's rain out. Let's hope Beckett can settle down and we can get some runs back.

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Anonymous said...

his velocity seems fine....isn't this why he's our ace? why we pay him the big bucks? he's not the same.

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