Friday, August 8

Big weekend series on the Southside

The Sox pitchers have been getting solid run support and effective pitching both from it's starters and bullpen of late. The true post trade deadline test comes this weekend as they face a good Chicago Whitesox team on top of the AL Central division. It may be too much to expect a the Sox to win 3 out of 4 in a big series, especially one conducted away from Fenway....but if it's going to happen, this might be the occurrence. The Sox have the advantage on paper with Lester, Dice-K, Buchholtz and Beckett going up against Buehrle, Contreras, Flyod and Danks. The only argument Southside fans could get away with is Flyod, who has been surprisingly effective this season. Tonight's game features Jon Lester, who, admit it, has exceeded your expectations. Not only is Lester 7-0 with a 2.56 ERA in 10 starts, but he's won his last three outings, allowing four runs in 21 1-3 innings over that span. "Straight cash homie" (Randy Moss)

Here's to a great weekend of important baseball games. With the Yanks matching up against the Angels and the Rays coming off back to back loses, this weekend is ripe with playoff implications.

Go sox.

Tonight's lineup:

1. Drew (don't like him here)
2. Dusty (i've been calling him that all year, it's sticking. Use it.)
3. Ortiz (any minute now, look out)
4. Youkilis (somehow still underrated)
5. Lowell (get better buddy)
6. Bay (the new mayor of Boston, sure beats mumbles)
7. Lowrie (kinda in man love with the way you're playing lately)
8. Tek (do something at the plate....anything!)
9. Coco (Mr. Crisp, I know Jacoby Ellsbury...and you sir, are no Jacoby Ellsbury)...but seriously, why is he not in tonight? Take a hot bat finally finding it's way out?...why Tito...por que adesso?
(image source: bostondirtdogs)

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