Tuesday, August 5

Hey...I know that guy!

That was the ace stopper we've been waiting to see for well over a month. Josh Beckett provided the Sox with a focused pitching effort going 6 2/3rd innings, allowing two runs while striking out 7. He appeared to be the poised, intense and confident Beckett we had become accustomed to last year, and did so at the perfect time. The Sox, in what was the second game of a seven game road streak, picked up a game on the Yankees while staying even with the Rays who continue to win more often than I believe they should.

The story of the night outside of Beckett was another “let’s see how far a ball can stay on top of the fence” play, this time it was Jason Bay’s shot that caused the improbable play. I immediately called a buddy to scream “how can this happen twice in a season!!”…but he didn’t pick up (still kinda pissed at him for that…when are you going to see that play again man?). Bay finished the night with 4 hits while driving in two (every time I type Bay’s numbers I picture Manny pushing down the Red Sox travelling secretary). Bay is making this transition better than any of us thought and I think it is helping Red Sox Nation get over the fact that Manny is hitting about 900 for the little brother of a division called the NL West (joke). I equate the NL West to a division 5 team in high school football; let them think they’re good until they play the Division 2 teams in the playoffs and the eventual Division 1 team from the AL…..

…Beckett looked like his old self last night…is it possible Jacoby did too????


Anonymous said...

Good headline. That was definitely the sensation I had after last night's game. How concerned should I be about Papi's complaints about not getting pitches to hit?

Derek Vicino said...

I'm going to ponder that while I'm here at work for a litle bit and get back to you.

Until then, a good little article on that same topic by ESPN's Rick Sutcliffe:


Timothy said...

Ortiz is a pro ball player, he'll hit. I believe these stories about him not getting good pitchers and worried that manny is gone are over hyped by the media and fans

Remy said this morning if he puts together a few good games this will be a distant memory.

and if they want to throw out of the zone walk him, nothing wrong with a high OBP and 4-5-6 coming up behind him.

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