Monday, August 11

The most overpaid "professional" athlete in history

With the Red Sox struggling lately I figured it would be a good time to explore a topic outside of RSN. I’m not sure how it really came to me last night, but I started thinking about overpaid athletes. One could argue they are all overpaid, but within reason some of the local players which fall into that category include: Vin Baker, Brian Scalabrene, Edgar Renteria, and Julio Lugo. Now I’m sure we all think those deals were bad, but consider them against what I believe to be the worst all time, one that is happening right in front of us:

Enter those beloved Dodgers and Andruw Jones. Now I’m not blindly accusing anyone of anything, but if there is ever a case of numbers that would make you question if someone was juicing or not, Jones would be it (save for Brady Anderson). Never an average hitter, Jones enjoyed amazing years in 2005 and 2006, hitting .263 respectively, but blasting 51 and 41 homeruns while driving in 128 and 129. His contract year in 2007 was a bust by most people’s high standards; he hit only .222, hit 28 homeruns and had 98 rbi. He did so while being criticized in Atlanta. Despite his bad season the Dodgers took the bait, offering him 36.5 million dollars over a two year deal….that’s right, over 18 million a year. Since then, Jones has been a complete and utter failure. He has been widely accused of losing passion for the game.

Regardless of what has happened, the fact remains, he is the most overpaid player in sports history, ever, no argument. 18+ million for ending with a .166 batting average, 2 home runs and 12 rbi with 68 strike outs in 187 at bats on the day he was benched by Joe Torre. Torre said Jones would only be used as a spot starter effective immediately. An 18 million dollar spot starter who is in the coach’s doghouse? Unreal. He is on pace to have the worst season by an outfielder in the history of baseball. Read that again and tell me if you would be ready to pay him 18 dollars to mow your lawn. He should be forced to pay the Dodgers back, I wonder if Manny could give him some tips of finding that “peace of mind”.


Timothy said...

Andruw Jones was making a case to be a hall of he'll be lucky to find a starting gig in the west coast mexican league next year.

Here's another one for you, Barry Zito, signed a 6 year 120 million dollar deal or something like that, my boy is 6-14 with an era of 5.55. he's actually been pitching better after being sent to the bullpen sometime around the all start break. and although jones' numbers might be worse, the giants are on the hook for a lot longer with zito.

what happened to these ass clowns.

Anonymous said...

Both good examples, to throw another name you should consider for being "overpaid" is Derek Jeter. The guy is a great leader/winner don't get me wrong, but at 19 million dollars a year he is WAY overpaid. He is far from being the best shortstop in the league.

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