Thursday, August 14

Safe to say this lineup is clicking...

That guy from Washington Heights is gone...and the Red Sox offense has never been better. They are currently up 9-0 after two innings and contributions are coming from all over the lineup. The inning was highlighted by David Ortiz's 3 run tater to right. Youkilis is 2 for 2 and as Remey put it "is so hot right now that pitchers must pitch to Ortiz.....and how money is Jed Lowrie??

Everything is clicking against a dreadful Texas lineup, but then again, these are the teams we're supposed to beat. Sure hope the Sox can hold this league.

...and in a crazy game, the Rays just won 7-6 in 12 innings. Stupid.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So with such a breakout series against the terrible Texas pitching it that the Red Sox lineup is that good, or Texas pitching is that bad?

Paul Byrd is on the mound tonight, should be intersting!

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