Monday, August 11

Sox bats lifeless through 6

The Red Sox are again showing their inconsistent nature at the plate tonight. Through 6 full innings, the Sox have no hits and only one ball has been hit hard (pedrioa's line drive out in the 1st). John Danks has had them fooled all night, he had retired 17 in a row before hitting Ellsbury in the back.....which was quickly followed by a dribbler to second by Coco. This is just another case of the Sox making a good pitcher look great. It's too bad they are wasting a good performance from Josh Beckett.

No fire, no emotion thus far tonight. So frustrated.

1 comment:

soxareintrouble08 said...

no hit deep into another game, the sox will be 5 games out by the end of the night and out of the race by the end of the month.

look out for the rays.

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