Wednesday, August 27

Sox, Bay dominate the Yankees in game two

I didn't last long at the sports bar...too many people eat and too loud to really pay close attention to every detail of such an important game. Besides, I felt like too many people were more concerned with what the specials were than the game, not my kind of place in the end.

The Red Sox received 6 solid innings from Paul Byrd and broke the game open in the 8th inning, going on to win game two 11-2 in a romp of the men in pinstripes.

I have to interject the post game wrap up here with a general comment.....After watching game two, I must admit that something feels different about this series. Perhaps it is the fact that the Yankees are all but out of the playoff race and as a result the fans just are not as into it. Or maybe the Stadium doesn't have the same electric feeling because the fans have turned on their team. Regardless, something is different and it certainly feels like the Red Sox are capitalizing on a team that has lost it's edge. The Red Sox are one win away from leaving Yankee Stadium for the last time by delivering the crushing blow that ends New York's season. I can't wait.

Jason "our new Yankee killer" Bay had another big night, going 2 for 4 with a triple and 4 RBI. Bay now has 24 rbi since joining the Red Sox.....since going Hollywood that guy from Washington Heights has 21 (the same amount of rbi Jed Lowrie has in the month of August as well!) He may not have Manny's name, but Bay is putting up "Manny numbers".

Dusty Pedrioa continues to make an effort to gather MVP consideration, going 3 for 5, hitting a nail in the coffin grand slam an 8th inning which saw the Red Sox plate 7 runs. "I never write the Yankees off until the season's over and the standings are set," Pedroia said. That might be the right thing to say, but a sweep of the series would all but crush any playoff hopes for the Yanks.

While A-rod went 2 for 4 with an rbi and made a few nice plays in the field....he was cheered for the two hits, but ultimately booed in his last plate appearance. The Red Sox go for the sweep with Jon Lester taking the mound against Mike Mussina in an afternoon game.

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Anonymous said...

About your interjection on the atmosphere at the Stadium: not sure if they highlighted this much on the NESN broadcast, but the YES guys kept talking about how it was pretty much flashbulbs going constantly all night. Michael Kay had a good line about how the place looked like the Rockefeller Christmas tree. So there was definitely some excitement about the game and the final regular season matchup. Maybe it was just the rhythm of the game that took the fans out and it couldn't be helped. But also I'm thinking that right now the people getting tickets to this series aren't necessarily the die-hard fans. They're people looking for an event, a souvenir. I know for example that a lot of people in my girlfriend's office are scrambling for tickets to last night and today. And I can guarantee that they're not real fans, and that they're bringing their digital cameras.

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