Thursday, August 7

Sox claim Giles from Padres

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune has learned this morning that the Red Sox have claimed outfielder Brian Giles on waivers (SD article below). According to the MLB rules, Boston has now entered into a 48-hour period in which the Sox have exclusive rights to try to work out a trade with San Diego. If the Padres and Red Sox do not work out a trade, the Padres can retain Giles, whose contract includes Boston among the 10 teams with which he has veto power for a trade.

It is unclear what the Sox may ultimately want from Giles. He is currently playing right field for the Padres, but it is unlikely he would be a starter for the Sox. Stats are below:

.296 average, 6 hr, 37 rbi, .391 obp, .424 slug

This may be nothing more than the Sox trying to block the Rays from landing the right fielder. The Rays have been on the hunt for another outfield bat after failing to land Jason Bay at the trade deadline last week.


Derek Vicino said...

I should add to this point by saying that Brian Giles has ultimate veto rights over being traded to the Sox. He has this right for the Sox and 9 other MLB teams.

Rich said...

Giles stats from 1999 - 2001 are rediculous and further reinforce the steriod way I am buying Brian Giles can put up those numbers.

Derek Vicino said...

His stats from 99-01' are unattainable for two reasons, one being steriods and two being age. Giles is 37 years old and near the end of his career.

Honestly, unless this is an attempt to block him from going to the Rays, or there is an injury on this team we don't know about, this makes no sense. Why aquire another outfielder when we have trouble splitting time with the four we have? He is not a defensive upgrade and hardly an effective bat in our lineup. Why go out and give up a player and/or to get Giles when your real weakness is in the bullpen? I'd rather see the Sox solidfy a shaky bullpen before wasting money and players on a 5th outfielder.

He can't play one of the corner positions so it is unlikely this is because of Lowell's injury....but hopefully this is not a hedge against an increased risk of Ortiz going back to the DL....time will tell, they have 40 hours to trade for him.

Derek Vicino said...

ITM note: EEI is reporting Giles could play first base....which would mean Lowell's injury must be fairly serious.

That doesn't look like Giles has ever played first base in the major leagues.

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