Sunday, August 3

Sox complete sweep of A's, head out on important 7 game road trip

"We won a game we were supposed to win." Tito couldn't have said it any better. The Sox waited through a middle of the game rain delay to complete a sweep of the Athletics Sunday afternoon with a 5-2 victory at Fenway. Just in time to further support my last post, Jed Lowrie broke the game open with a two run triple in the 4th (the second "put the game out of the reach hit" in as many nights). "We wanted to set a tone coming into the new month and I think we did that" -Lowrie (AP). This kid continues to say and do all the right things.

Jason Bay continues to say and do all the right things as well; a 2-4 performance with 2 runs scored and a great offensive assist capped another bandwagon-building night. (ITM note: I tried not to get on this guy's bandwagon right away, I swear. I wanted to evaluate him over a few weeks and then decide if I was going to by his jersey T-shirt....but it's too late, he's too likable and too undervalued (albeit previously) not to. I'm firmly on the bandwagon). One thing the Sox were able to do in the last few games was establish a lead early and hold onto it. Dice-k, who always works better with a lead, didn't let himself fall into much trouble today. He continues to throw WAY too many pitches per at bat, but still manages to get himself out of trouble. You can't help but get frustrated when he pitches, but you can't argue with the outcomes.....and the numbers, at 12-2 some of his numbers are among the best in the AL.

The Sox now hit the road for an important 7 game road trip which starts in KC tomorrow night. Road performance continues to be an issue (24-32 with a .267 batting average) as Clay Bucholtz takes the mound in an important start. The Sox failed to make up ground today as both Tampa and NY had comeback victories, this is officially a 3 team race (really?? I still can't get over the Rays). Welcome to the post season push, every game becomes important than the last.

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soxin08' said...

With Tito being such a players manager I bet Julio Lugo gets his starting job back when he's healthy. Just another case of "Tito being Tito".

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