Sunday, August 17

Sox spanked 15-4

This is one of those games you don't even want to talk about, just put it behind you. So I'll keep it short. Every Red Sox pitcher used was scored on (save for Cinco Ocho in the 9th). The "light hitting" Toronto lineup raked Boston pitching all afternoon to the tune of a 15-4 beating. Refer to posts below for any significant Red Sox related happenings.

The only bright spot was Jed Lowrie (and maybe Dustin Pedrioa's tater on his 25th birthday). The kid continues to make Tito's short stop decision a very easy one, going 3 for 3 with a rbi triple. He is now batting .318.

....what was that sound? that was Alex Rios hitting his 9th double off of Red Sox pitching.

Now all we can do is hope for a Rays loss tonight.


Anonymous said...

Worst game ever.

Soxin08 said...

Agreed terrible game but the Sox need to quickly put that one behind them.

Anyone heard anything on Drew? Can't afford to lose him for a significant amount of time.

Derek Vicino said...

According to Remey tonight the Sox dont' really have a time table for JD Drew. They are waiting to see how his back responds over the next few days and go from there. I'd say he's day to day at best, but I doubt he'll end up on the DL....knock on wood.

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