Monday, August 4

Sox stumble as they begin road trip

The honeymoon period may be over for the Red Sox who continue to struggle on the road this season. Boston staged a late, 9th inning rally that made it 4-3 KC, but it ended with a Sean Casey, bases loaded line out to right. The Red Sox failed to make up ground on the Rays and put more distance between themselves and the Yankees (both teams lost tonight).

Clay Buchholz showed flashes of greatness but ultimately continued his struggles in this his latest outing going 6 complete, giving up 4 runs on 7 hits and 3 walks. He struck out 4 but could not get himself out of trouble all night. He seems to catch too much of the plate too often and major league hitters are making him pay for it. Perhaps the lone bright spot for Boston was Dustin Pedrioa, who doesn't care if he is at home, away or in Mexico, he continues to hit (going 3 for 4 with a run scored).

The Sox now look to Beckett to get back to their winning ways tomorrow night as they remain three games behind the Rays in the division.


Timothy said...

Everything about last nights game drove me crazy. Promising start with two quick runs then Gil Meche morphed into Cy Young. Sox couldn't hit after the 1st, and Bucholtz continues to struggle in his efforts to put together a complete outting.

Can't say I know what is going on with Clay, he just hasn't had it all year. Maybe I am expecting too much because his second start was a no no, I put last nights lose on the offense, hit the ball son.

Beckett tonight, we need a big start and some bats to show up.

Derek Vicino said...

Beckett comes into tonight's game losing 3 straight. He's been far from himself and appears to have gone back to being stubborn with the fastball. He's abandoned his change up in times of need but needs to come up big tonight.

...and could it be that Gil Meche is worth his ridiculous contract?...

..hell no.

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