Tuesday, September 16

Beckett Cured?

A bright spot in a disappointing night for the Sox: Josh Beckett continues to approach postseason form. In three starts since making his peace-of-mind visit to Dr. Andrews, Beckett has given up only two-earned runs and struck out 21. His innings are more efficient,his curve is nasty, and his fast ball has that late whipsnap movement.

Which raises the question, how do I get an appointment with the good doctor?

As it turns out, we mere mortals could in fact visit arguably the most famous sports surgeon out there. According to CNNMoney.com and Fortune Magazine, 75% of Andrews's clientele are normal, albeit wealthy, individuals willing to schlep down to Birmingham, Alabama.And there are plenty of schleppers. The city of Birmingham apparently rides Dr. Andrews white coattails to the tune of $15m annually in the form of hotel, restaurant and shopping from high-rolling clients.CNNMoney even has a local hotelier complaining that the Saudi Royal family, clients of Andrews, take up so many floors and monopolize so many of the maids with their $100 tips that, "[s]ometimes we can't get the dang hotel cleaned."

Faithful Inside the Monster readers will know that your editor-in-chief recently tore his achilles and is currently sidelined from all sports activities. I say we pool together some money and get him down to Birmingham. Put him back on the field and help boost the Alabama economy, whose other big tourist destination is the place where they send and sell the world's unclaimed airline baggage.Seriously. Two birds, one stone, Inside the Monster reporting from Alabama.


Tim Murphy said...

Beckett looked really good last night, I'll take 8 innings 1 run in the playoffs.

Even if the Sox have to go to Anaheim for game 1 of the ALDS I like Beckett and the Sox in game 1.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, but it's too bad we're at the point where we start rationalizing a trip to Anaheim. Anyone catch Mazz this morning on the tiebreaker scenarios? Ups the ante tonight.

DVicino said...

One thing we need to remember is that under "normal" circumstances Beckett would have been out there in the 9th. At 95 pitches in the playoffs, Beckett is out there for the 9th and throws 110 to 115. The gloves will be off for Beckett from here on, we've got our ace back. In no way am I worried after last night's game.

Haven't read Mazz's article yet...but either way i'm pumped he's with the Globe, now I don't have to look at the Herald at all.

Anonymous said...

Mazz got pretty in-depth. Basically, the Sox need the win tonight, and even then there going to need a little luck since both tiebreakers are probably going to favor the Rays.

DVicino said...

Finally got to reading that Mazz article. Great stuff, a good balance of stats and analysis. Somewhat scary as a Red Sox fan, but it's definitely a factor. For those of you who have yet to read it...check it out at:


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