Tuesday, September 16

Dale "Send Him Home" Sveum

When I came home last night I had two things on my mind, the Sox vs Rays for first place and Monday Night Football. During a Sox commercial we flipped over to Monday Night Countdown (what a terrible pre-game show) and that's when I saw it on the bottom line; The Milwaukee Brewers had fired Manager Ned Yost and named third base coach Dale Sveum interim manager. After I stopped laughing I thought to myself, what in Gods name are they doing to the fans of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Firing Ned Yost was shocking to me for two reasons; first the Brewers fired their manager with 2 weeks left in the season while in a race for the Wild Card. Secondly, they think Dale Sveum is the right man to get them into the playoffs? I understand that Sveum is only the interim manager and the Brewers have lost 11 of their last 14 games, but axing the manager at this time of year is a risky move. Personally I hope it pays off for them, making the playoffs would be great for the franchise and fans. It might even knock headlines about Brett Farve below the fold for a day or two, but I doubt that.

Back to Sveum; a terrible third base coach is the equivalent of a past girlfriend all your buddies hated. Anytime you were going to hang out with her for the night all your friends groaned and gave you an unprecedented amount of crap for it until the day you finally split. Same thing can be said for Sveum, anytime there was a runner on 2nd and there was a base hit to the outfield you knew Dale was going to be waving the runner home like an out of control windmill (no not Wendell 'Windmill' Kim, that will have to be another post dedicated to third base coaches who will not be in the hall of fame). After the runner was thrown out at the plate everyone would turn to each other and ask "why would he ever send that guy?"

No one remembers the third base coach when the runner is safe at the plate, however when he's out the camera immediately pans up the third base line to the coach looking like he's filming a Southwest Airlines commercial; want to get away?

Who knows, maybe bringing Sveum into the dugout and far, far, far away from third base will provide the boost the Brew Crew need to get into the playoffs. I'm not saying he'll be a bad manager, I'm just saying he was a really bad third base coach. It's hard to name a good third base coach; however everyone remembers the terrible ones; just like all of your buddies remember that terrible girlfriend who made your life hell for 6 months.


Thomas Leonard said...

To continue the analogy if he's a bad third base coach what makes anyone think he'll be a good manager?

Isn't that like saying "she's a terrible girlfriend, maybe she'll be a good wife."

D Vicino said...

Anyone who makes an entrance into blogging with a Wendell "windmill" Kim reference is ok in my book. Good work.....remember how that little guy used to sprint out to his position as third base coach...and one time he face planted himself on the top stair...oh Mr. Kim, good times.

How much you wanna bet the Brewers are in a playoff tiebreaker at the end of the year and "send him home" somehow gets the winning run thrown out at home. It would only be fitting.

Big game tonight, yet another "test" to see how the young Rays bounce back.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I hadn't made the connection.

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