Tuesday, September 23

Enjoying a Great Night in Style....and Then Moving On

I am currently spending the week surrounded by men with machine guns, ten block long brigades and blocked off roads.....no I'm not in the Middle East, I'm in New York City on business and right in the chaotic mix that is the UN General Assembly. What the hell does this have to do with ITM and baseball?...Everything. I'm in the heart of enemy territory as the Red Sox clinched a playoff birth for the 5th time in the last 6 years.....and thus shutting the door on any Yankee hope of not playing golf this October.....sounds like a perfect time to be in New York to me. (See Tim Murphy's game-clinching wrap up below)

I asked my manager if I could wear a Red Sox hat along with my business attire in the office today...turns out that's not "building a good client relationship"....whatever, but either way, I'll be wearing it to and from the office in the streets. This is the first time the Yankees have not made the playoffs in what seems like my entire life (over half of it in all seriousness though), so I'll be taking advantage of striking up baseball conversation with anyone who will listen to me this week. I won't be rubbing it in, I won't laugh or point since it is their last year in their storied stadium...I'm just going to bring it up and discuss it as much as possible...call it a gentle reminder, or sinister ways, I don't care.

Clearly, as a team, the Sox have a lot ahead of them, the second season starts soon, and that is much more important and difficult than the first. While winning the East has been surprisingly difficult this year as a result of a team not from New York has been weird, Boston will certainly take the wild card to get into "the dance". RSN should act like we've been here before, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take a moment to reflect on all the craziness and injuries this club has gone through in 2008, strike up conversation with some depressed New Yorkers, and then move on......now I'm off to the office lunch room to see if anyone wants to chat....


Tim Murphy said...

There's only one October...god I hate Dane Cook.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand him either, but he was kind of endearing in Dan In Real Life. Saw it on a plane. Worth watching. That said, there's only one October. What's the verdict on Soxtober? Too lame? The Rockies took it off the shelf? NESN tries to push it hard every once in a while.

Dale Sams said...

Here's a choice 2007 baseball nugget from the idiotic mind of Dane Cook

SI: How did you become MLB's face of the postseason?

Dane Cook: They learned of my affinity for baseball, which goes back
to my father, George. Before the Sox were the Sox, they were the
Boston Braves and they were scouting my Dad in 1952.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a great nugget, actually. How did this become a Dane Cook strand? I like it. Was he really a big enough star last year to be the playoffs spokesman? I wouldn't have thought so. But maybe it really was the "old Sox" (wtf) scouting his dad that did it.

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