Monday, September 22

More Magic to Look Forward To

That's the upside of the evening. Why finish the job tonight when you can enjoy the anticipation of a playoff clinch for another day?

Josh Beckett took the loss, throwing six innings, giving up seven hits and four earned runs. You can't call it a setback, but it was something of a stall in his progress towards postseason form. Lopez, Masterson, and Okajima provided scoreless relief and seem to be establishing themselves as the playoff triumvirate leading into Papelbon.

Ellsbury had another productive night, going 2 for 5 and scoring two runs. According to the Globe, he thinks he's figured out his swing and has made adjustments that have him feeling pretty confident going into the stretch. And another player building up some steam, David Ortiz, popped another one out of the park tonight, a solo shot to add to his double. The rest of the offense was a 3 for 4 from good ol' Youk. But with two outs and the winning run on second, Jed Lowrie waved at a fastball high and outside, and that was that. One of many chances squandered.

The Yankees are off after the festivities last night. (Also, there are some reports that the ceremony was such a hit, they may just send actors instead of real Yankees to Fenway at the end of the week.) That means that there'll be no playoff celebrations tonight.

The Sox certainly had the ticket held out in front of them, but couldn't punch it. Not tonight. And I suspect that I'm going to bed tonight with a little Mark Twain ringing in my ears, coming by way of Yankee Stadium, "Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated." We're not gonna see the Sox get swept and the Yankees come into Fenway pushing their own broom, right? Right? All you Sox fans from the pre-'04 days (not the pinkhatters Amanda in Tampa Bay so rightfully disdains) will understand why I can't sleep with a Magic 1 hanging over my head.


Dale Sams said...

Wow...and here I thought it would be at least two days before I heard "It couldn't happen...the Yanks couldn't...nahhh..could it?"

Good to know 2004 didn't change some people.

Anonymous said...

I'm worried, too. Embarassed to be worried, but still, I just get scared this time of year. Still.

D Vicino said...

I wouldn't say I'm worried about making the playoffs and certainly not worried about the Yankees. BUT, I must say that i'm a little concerened with the Boston's overall healthy and general inconsistency going into the playoffs.

More and more this team looks to be one that will need to grind its way through things.

Tim Murphy said...

mathematically the yankees aren't eliminated yet...but I don't see it. The sox are not going to lose out and the yanks are not going to win out

Anonymous said...

For some reason, the extreme odds against the Sox losing-out and the Yankees winning-out is exactly what makes me worried. Remember, that's the way logic used to work pre-2004? If anyone, you, Mr. Murphy, should understand that. It was your law.

Anonymous said...

I predict this *will* go on another couple of days....just long enough for a couple of articles to be written and hardcore fans from 1978 trying to remember how to make a hangman's noose.

Amanda said...

Dang, I skip the blog for a few days and miss the shout-out?
Seriously, belated congrats on the clinch. Always great to see the Yanks officially out, too!

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