Friday, September 19

Schilling Rips Manny, Needs a Hobby

I must preface this post by saying……Curt Schilling, I love the guy, what he did for this franchise in 2004 is something I will never forget. Never. The blood-soaked sock is forever ingrained in my mind as one of; if not the best/gutsiest performances I’ve seen in my lifetime. (ITM note: that injury would have ended JD Drew’s career and Schilling pitched a gem through the pain)

That said, Schilling….get a hobby man. I know you’re bored with all the time in the world on your hands because of a major shoulder injury….but calling The Big Show while in your car to repeatedly throw Manny under the bus? Start a republican pitchers association or something….see how far that gets ya.

I understand, you didn’t get along, he was a terrible clubhouse guy, he was the most unreliable teammate you ever had, he kicked your dog…I know, I know. But the guy is 3,000 miles away on the left coast and is a month and a half removed from anything related to Boston. The respective sides have said their piece, Manny has “peace of mind” and both parties appear to be better off given the alternative option. Why do you continue to beat a dead horse? Making national media headlines about completely irrelevant items while your team is battling for playoff positioning and health….. “That’s a stupid idiot thing to say”.

If Manny wasn’t absolutely RAKING in LA LA land, would you have even called? (Merloni and Dauber are partly to blame for this as well, talk about feeding the fire). Can we finally put this Manny Ramirez garbage behind us and focus on the important items ahead of us?...we’ve got bigger and better things to concentrate on.


Anonymous said...

As much as I don't like the way Manny went out of Boston, I really wish schilling would just shut his mouth!

Is he even going to attempt to play next year?

Anonymous said...

Schilling drove me crazy while he played and ran his mouth, but for some reason now it seems sort of quaint and even charming. Can't explain it.

D Vicino said...

At first it seemed like Curt was 50-50 on playing next year. But judging by the tone of his voice and some of his recent interviews it seems like the chances of him taking the mound for the Sox in 09 are dropping. I think the Sox have to operate under the assumption that they will not have Curt next year.

Meanwhile, the 41 year old is getting paid 8 million dollards this year. To be fair, he did make the Sox take back the "weight clause incentive" part of his contract.

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