Wednesday, September 10

Sox End Up on Losing End of 14 Inning Affair (why am I still up?)

After splitting the first two games it was almost fitting that the Rays and Sox remained knotted at 1 until the 14th inning. It is WAY too late for me to post much about the game, but here are some sleep-deprived thoughts....Much like last night, the Rays had their share of chances, but the Sox were able to get out of jams (thank you Masterson, Delcarmen etc). The bullpen went 7 2/3rds innings without giving up a run, which, at least from my standpoint, should be MORE than enough to win. Ultimately however, it was the Bay state's own Carlos Pena who hit a 3 run shot in the 14th, Percival nailed down the save, and the Rays exit Boston taking two out of three.

Josh Beckett was the key story going into the game, and regardless of the outcome, should still be the number one topic. The long and short of it is....He's back. It's early, but at least initially there were no negative health issues with Beckett's 84 pitches in 6 innings give up one run and striking out 7 at Fenway tonight...last night...whatever it was. So the Red Sox may be 1.5 games out of the AL East, but this is the true story. Going into the playoffs (knock on wood), the Sox appear to have their ace back.

Overall it was a well played game by two teams that will likely battle for first the rest of the way. To be honest, I was quite surprised by the Red Sox fan who interfered with Mike Lowell's fly ball in the 2nd. I assume this man is from the Boston area and a fan....they WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? If the Sox were in the field, ok, but you should know better. That crap may fly in Pittsburgh, but not here. If I was standing next to him I would have tackled him to the ground before letting him touch the ball in the field of play, I hope someone at least threw a slice of pizza at him (I can't get enough of this clip, I watch it over and over again and can't stop's an instant classic...Youtube has taken it off their site so this is the only place I could find a decent video).

Ok, off my soapbox. Despite the outcome, the endgame is the Red Sox are playing good baseball and have their ace back and healthy (or at least close to 100 percent). is going to hate me tomorrow.


Harold from St Pete said...

what a game
i dont think I have any fingenails left.
2 and a half

Dale Sams said...

I'm hearing that guy with the mask in The Road Warrior..."Just Walk Away...Just walk Away"

Anonymous said...

Despite the bad loss, it was definitely the first game that felt like fall baseball for me. So it wasn't all bad.

Anonymous said...

Anyone see the King Kaufman column in Salon today about the game last night? Pretty interesting. Also, it was kind of shocking that everyone---umps, announcers, players, all seemed to be confused as to how the rule worked on Lowell's interference/pop fly/foulball. Not that that changes anything about the outcome, just thought it was an interesting explanation.

Derek Vicino said...

I agree it was a weird explanation....the guy had never played left field before and was flat on his back in a slide and they assumed he would make the catch. In the end it really doesn't matter...had it happened to with a Red Sox fielder I would feel the same way. Some very questionable umpiring all night last night...and by questionable I mean piss poor. I won't get into how Jacoby was safe.

Regardless, both teams had so many chances to win the game about 7 hours before it actually ended...and i'm beat because of it.

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