Monday, September 8

Weekend update

I took the weekend off from blogging to spend some time with friends out on Martha's Vineyard. I figured I could get away from the city, lay low on the island and take in a great weekend for Boston sports. Here are some of the highlights of the weekend:

-To get this over with, Tom Brady got hurt, bad. We all were hoping for the best, and I instantly turned into Doctor Vicino calling it a sprained knee. Boy I wish I was right. Turns out Doogie Howser does have something on me.

-Back to baseball, the Red Sox took two out of three from Texas. They have won 14 out of their last 18 games and are playing surprisingly good baseball while still recovering from injuries.

-Josh Beckett is back, and while he was on a strict 70 pitch count, he threw 5 innings of 07' Beckett-like baseball. Allowing only 4 hits on not giving up a run.

-Paul "old school" Byrd is now 4-1 in a Red Sox uniform after blanking the Rangers through 6 2/3 innings. Great pick up Theo, I'm giving you the "guys approval nod" right now.

-Mike Lowell came back and went 3-5 in his first game since hurting his oblique. He sat out yesterday's game but will likely be back for tonight's opener against the Rays.

-Ahh the Rays, finally things appear to be catching up with them. They were swept by Toronto (who have won 8 straight) and are now only 1.5 games in front of the Sox in the AL East. Just as soon as they had us all convinced they were legit, we're all questioning them again.

-The one side of bad news for the Sox. David Ortiz. Yes he hit a homerun for the first time in 70 at bats....but his wrist "still isn't right". While this is concerning, up to this point he has been able to play through the pain and the Sox are playing their best baseball without him being at 100%. It is likely that his wrist will only heal with a prolonged period of rest (the off season). Until then, expect him to be at 80 % or so.

Last note:
Thank god for the Red Sox. When I got back to the city last night and heard that my prognosis on Tom Brady was way off my stomach sank. Gillette stadium was the site where I ruptured my Achilles in June (and I'm still on crutches) and now it's taken Tom Brady's season away from him as well. When I was told it was a ruptured Achilles my first response was "so I'm out for the season!" The doctor just looked at me funny and shook it off. Somehow I think Tom Brady's season is slightly more important. Thank god for the Sox.


Anonymous said...

big series starting tonight...Lester vs Jackson should give us the edge....there is a very good chance we're in first after this series. This sure is good stuff to keep our minds off Brady.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, we need this now. Sox have gotta come up big for us this week.

Pretty crazy story as to Gillette and your achilles.

Derek Vicino said...

Agreed that new england needs a good series from the sox to lift our spirits...not to mention get us back where we belong, first place. Lester has done his part, now let's see if Pap can put it away.

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