Tuesday, October 14

Change: Yes We Can......lineups

The lineups are out and Tito has made some changes in an effort to spark the Sox to a game 4 victory. JD "don't call me Sally" Drew is batting leadoff and Coco is playing center as Jacoby, and his 0 for forever stats are on the bench tonight. Sure JD has been an OBP guy in his career, but it is the Sox hope that he'll see some fast balls as a lead off hitting and get on base for the only guy that has been hitting all series (and season), Dusty P. Naturally, with Wakefield pitching Kevin Cash will be catching, and in a somewhat surprising move, Jed Lowrie will be batting behind him in 9th. My initial thoughts are that Tito is looking for Jed to continue innings for the top of the order to knock him around the bases. We'll see how it shakes out, but here is the lineup:

1. J.D. Drew, RF

2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B

3. David Ortiz, DH

4. Kevin Youkilis, 3B

5. Jason Bay, LF

6. Mark Kotsay, 1B

7. Coco Crisp, CF

8. Kevin Cash, C

9. Jed Lowrie, SS

-- Tim Wakefield -SP

ITM Pregame notes:

-My how fast the national (and local) media has gone from loving the Sox in this series to hating them.

-For the first time in my life I saw Rays fans in the city today, still odd.

-Apparently Tek is pissed about being lifted for pinch hitters....dude...generate some bat speed for once and Tito might leave you in there.

-Tim Wakefield is under a lot of pressure to keep the Sox in the game, but it'll be up to the offense to put some crooked numbers on the board to win tonight, Wakefield hasn't pitched in 16 days.

-Screw Pacman Jones, throw his ass in jail for good (this is completely random I know, but I have strong feelings on that topic)


Anonymous said...

Tek got boed a little last night....can't say I blame the fans but still, this guy has been a rock for us for what seems like forever!

DVicino said...

I hope the sox brought their bats...becuase they are going to need them. The Rays continue to just bash Sox pitching and take the crowd out of the game...not a good start.

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