Wednesday, October 15

In Need of Some Special Kind of Magic...

Sure the Sox have been down 3-1 before. Sure they have pulled out that "magic" to rally past the likes of the Yankees and the Indians to get to the big dance...and I'm in no way waiving the white flag, but there appears to be some sincere differences in both the 2008 Red Sox and the clubs of the past.

First of all, the level of turnover from 2004 to 2008 is downright amazing, comparing these two teams would be looking at apples and oranges. But in 2007, the Red Sox were a different team, one that had an all-world ace in Josh Beckett, a playoff tested and resourceful Curt Schilling, some left fielder from Washington Heights who was pretty good, a healthy and powerful David Ortiz, a career performance from Mike Lowell, and an unsustainable level of play from Jacoby Elsbury(just to name a few). There was some series magic there.

This year, our all-world ace has been pilled all around the ballpark, there is a new word called "Mannywood", David Ortiz leaves the clubhouse without talking to the media after game three and points fingers after game 4...all while doing next to nothing at the plate, Mike Lowell is having surgery and is out for the season, and our collective leadoff hitters are 0-24 in the ALCS. Tough to generate magic with the aforementioned issues.

If this team has any chance of creating the magic of years past, it will require change. Change in the way the Fenway faithful scream for their team (seriously, the crowd has been terrible), change in the way our pitching staff goes after the Rays (pitch inside for once!, knock them on their ass if you have to!) and change in the raw confidence of the team ( we need Kevin Millar back?). I've typed the word change so much you'd think I'm working for Obama....

It starts tomorrow night with Dice-K on the mound at home. The fans need to be loud, excited and pumped. The players need to remember they are the world champions playing on their home turf.......and maybe with a little luck, the Rays will come back to earth and be susceptible to some Red Sox magic.

I'm knocking on wood, go Sox.


fuckthesox said...

fuck u vicino. sox suck my dick. jacoby sucks. ortiz is just a fat bloke and beckett had one good year. the rays r gonna beat ur ass. the 2008 red sox are not evn close to as good as rays. nor are they as good the '07 Sux (my dick!)

D Vicino said...

Solid contribution...way to represent the class and knowledge of Rays fans. You are completely ridiculous in your statements and actually make me dummer for reading that.

Not sure where all the anger comes from, ITM has continued to praise the Rays....People like you should not be allowed on the internet, you clearly can't handle it. Grow up.

Tim Murphy said...

Some solid insight there (biting sarcasm). I imagine your stay wasn't long as you have to hit all the other Red Sox and baseball websites offering your unique understanding of the baseball world. We try and keep a certain level of discourse on ITM, and although your entitled to your small minded opinions we'd just assume you get back to burying your head in the sand.

Josh Beckett had one good year, was it 2003 or 2007?

Harold from St Pete said...

At least he makes me look smooth.(More Sarcasm)
I don't think he be representing the Rays. I think he be representing too many skipped days in school and too many missed days off work while visiting his parole officer. I don't think an ole' timey Cracker would even claim him as their own.
I'm thinking the anger comes from too many late night visits from his uncle when he was a little boy.

Anonymous said...

Us in RSN should know that anything can happen...keep the faith!

Amanda said...

Even when I was going to Rays games with 8,000 in the stands just a few seasons ago, I was never as embarrassed of any Rays fan as I am after reading that first guy. Geez. Alright, who brought THAT guy to the party?!
(The use of the word "bloke" in his post intrigues me, though.)

Soxin08' said...

another bad start...down 2-0 before we can even get an out....takes the crowd out of the game. Unreal.

If you're going to miss, miss inside!

displacedsoxfan said...

does anyone else see the Citgo sign catching on fire yesterday as a bad omen?

I'm not sayin' we still can't win it, but I'm slightly more nervous after hearing that news.

All that aside; GO SOX!!! Pull your heads out of your a@#es and start winning

displacedsoxfan said...

Fthesox??? Are you really a Sox hater or a disgruntled Cubs or Yanks fan trying to cover his or her identity?

Look we're awfully sorry your
team(s) couldn't make it to a League Championship this year, I for one would really like to see the Cubs win in the next few years. Keep your head up; in Back to the Future Michael J Fox predicted the Cubs would win the World Series in 2015, meaning you only have 6 more seasons to go!

Seriousely though take your nonsense elsewhere, I hear A-Rod's myspace page has got some great gossip on how bad Madonna is in bed

beatintheheat said...

"f***thesox", your insight was absolutely spot on. I can't believe the way some of these sad Red Sox have been talking about how their poor little Red Sox Nation hasn't been supporting their team. I mean really, although they went 86 years without a championship, they have won 2 of the last 4 (not including this year). Look at the poor Cubs; I mean even you as a Rays fan, you deserve a championship way before they get another one......oooopppsss, I haven't used the word sarcasm yet!

And this is where reality kicks in!

If you believe a word I said in that first paragraph, you are quite possibly the most naive little child to ever grace God's great earth. Seriously, how many times have you actually been to this website? If you had spent any time on it at all, you might actually begin to wonder why the guys that run this site are giving the Rays SO MUCH credit.

I can tell you this, I would visit this site regularly as a Cards fan if they were facing the Sox in the World Series because of the extreme amount of objectivity toward the opposing team; as well as the educated banter they provide.

You really do need to receive some sort of education. Finish high school and get your diploma, get a GED, hell.....go down the block to the man in the ratty old Vietnam era jscket holding the card board sign on the corner and have a few drinks with him.

Any way you slice it, you should walk away a much more intelligent person. One would be hard-pressed to get much more uneducated than the "bucket" your post placed you in.

You know what bucket I'm talking about. You've seen movies that have the out houses with the "feces catchers" down below.....that's the one.

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