Friday, October 3

Speaking Openly to Rays Fans before Fear and Hatred Overtake Me

There's really not too much to say.

Evan Longoria homered in his first two postseason at-bats and added an rbi single in the 5th. But you already knew that, likely.

All I wanted to say, Rays fans, is enjoy it. I'm not saying "Enjoy it," like I'm giving you the eye and saying you better have a good time now 'cause the Sox are gonna bounce you in the next round. I'm saying "Enjoy it" with all the sincerity I can muster and no condescension because many of you are new to the postseason and new to the moment when one of your players suddenly shows a flash of brilliance that makes you think "Holy s**t this feels good." Then you pause, and you look at your roster and you think, "Holy s**t, it might feel like this for a long time."

It's something special when a player shows that he's ready to step up in October. Not many are. So enjoy it. It's the best part of baseball, in my book. And enjoy the idea that there might be a lot of Octobers for Longoria and the Rays to come.


Anonymous said...

looks like the Rays made a very smart move by locking up Longoria early...gotta give them credit, they've been impressive.

Anonymous said...

I hate to announce a player's greatness after one season, but locking up Longoria really does look like a very smart move from the Rays.

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