Saturday, October 4

We're in Their Heads...

"I got your timing down Vaughn"..... There is no better way to spend a hungover Saturday than watching Major League Two when you're feeling great about baseball. In the movie, Jack Parkman had Rick Vaughn's number in their regular season meetings, but when it came down to the playoffs, Vaughn walked the bases loaded to get to Parkman...and took him to school with the old terminator.

Now back to real life, the Red Sox have the Angels number, and I think it is safe to say the Sox are thoroughly in the head of the Halos. With last night's amazing 7-5 victory, the Sox have now won 11 straight playoff games against the team who finished the season with the best record in the AL. Once again, the Sox hit big home runs (JD and Jay Bay) and Pap closed it out to go up 2-0 in a series that now heads back to Boston with some pitcher by the name of Josh Beckett taking the rubber on Sunday night at 7:30. And once again, as Cinco Ocho and Tek congratulated each other after a game ending strikeout, the Angels players and fans looked defeated and emotionally crushed.

The Angels came into this season with a ton of confidence, and they deserved to; a great season, a rested team and facing a injury-plagued Boston team, they should have been confident. But yet again, the Red Sox are showing they've done this before, the know how to win, and they play as a team. The Angels are getting hits (albeit singles) from Vlad "I won't learn English" Guerrero and Tex, but it ends there, Dice-K was typical in giving them chances to cash in, but shut the door before they could scrounge anything up.
Simply put, the Angels have yet to show they have what it takes to win the big games, they lack timely hitting and perhaps the mental focus needed to get them over the top.....and the Red Sox are reminding them of that so far, let's hope Beckett sends them a final reminder tomorrow.

Too bad Major League Three sucked...they had a good thing going there.


D Vicino said...

So it didn't make it in the post...but I can't pass up the chance to say...Craig Sager, what the hell were you thinking wearing that jackass of a suit jacket?

At a bar that will remain nameless last night, I screamed god awful things at him for that...and i'm not sorry for it.

displacedsoxfan said...

LOL...I was thinking the same thing, who has been dressing the guy the past two games? I don't know which was worse Wednesday's or Friday's ensemble.

It's like a throw back from the
70's...a decade I'm glad I missed!


ha ha shut the fuck up

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