Friday, October 17

With New Found Life, Sox Turn to Beckett

I have a mental image of what Josh Beckett is doing right now, he's by himself, staring at the wall, focusing on another win or go home game tomorrow night in Tampa.....I'm assuming he's dropping a ton of F bombs as well. The question Red Sox Nation members are asking themselves is what Josh Beckett will we see? Another rendition of the same "Waaaay back Wasdin" performance that has defined the 2008 playoffs for him so far? Or will this be the kind of game that brings the old Josh Beckett out. I'm talking, the 96, 97mph, I don't care who you are, you can't hit me, Josh Beckett. Judging from other media outlets, the opinions are mixed, wishful thinkers are expecting the best, while the Debbie Downers are convinced JB has a torn oblique and the Sox should throw Lester in game 6.

First of all, contrary to some fluke report, Josh Beckett does not have a torn oblique. He simply would not be able to throw 92 or 93mph with one. It may be more accurate to report he is concerned that if he "lets loose" he will hurt himself. Either way, I trust the judgement of Tito and his staff, after all it's worked in the past.

My personal opinion is that we'll see the Josh Beckett from the regular season. It may be far from the 2007 or even 2003 JB, but it's a measurable improvement on what we have seen in the playoffs so far. This Rays team may be slightly rattled, but I don't expect them to look like the previously lifeless Sox at the plate tomorrow night. They will come out swinging, but if Beckett can hit his spots, and the Red Sox can build off their offensive momentum of last night's thrilling victory, they will be in the game in the late innings, which is where they'll rely on Masterson and Papelbon to force a game 7. The first few innings however will be the key, keeping the insanely hot Rays lineup in check and scoring a few runs of our own would go a long way in Boston's comeback attempt. One thing I've yelled all series, if the Sox pitchers are going to"miss", miss inside god damn it.

That all said, I can't wait for 8:07pm tomorrow night. ITM will of course be covering the game.... which will likely include another late night post....we're getting good at them by now.


(how could I not include the pic of Nasty Knobs getting tossed out of Fenway last night?)


Soxin08' said...

Nasty Knobs are you serious!? What a flob.

I hope Beckett can keep the Rays at bay for 5 or 6 innings, should be a great game, good atmosphere.

Joe Murph said...

For those who haven't been keeping up on Way Back Wasdin's career, here's a tidbit from his wikipedia page: "On April 7, 2003, Wasdin pitched a perfect game for the Triple-A Nashville Sounds against the Albuquerque Isotopes at Herschel Greer Stadium in Nashville. Fewer than 750 fans witnessed the perfect game, as it was the same night as the 2003 NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship Game, plus unseasonably cold weather dissuaded some from coming to the ballpark."

So, you know, Beckett could have bright days ahead of him.

Tim Murphy said...

I think Beckett needs to throw one under Upton's chin and let me know whats up. The Ray's hitters are way to comfortable at the plate and are teeing off. If Pedro was still around he would have already done it, Pedro was always good for that. I'm not talking about hitting them on purpose, just pitching inside without fear.

Did the Nasty Boys ever win the tag titles?

Anonymous said...

Tito needs to be on top of Beckett, if it's clear he doesn't have it, Tito shouldn't give him a long rope.

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