Thursday, December 18

John Henry: "Sox not going to be a factor in landing Tex"

Just when all of Red Sox Nation was ready to celebrate the signing of the biggest free agent on the market, there may be a twist. A major one. Breaking news out of the Texas meetings has John Henry texting media members saying (Henry's words) "We met with Mr. Teixeira and were very much impressed with him. After hearing about his other offers, however, it seems clear that we are not going to be a factor."

(my words)....WHAT!?!?

Most media outlets already have the "Sox finally sign Teixeira for 184 Million" articles typed up.....looks like that was a waste of time.

It's unclear as of right now what the real story is, but as we go to bed expecting a foot of snow tomorrow, as of right now, it looks to be very unlikely the Sox will land Tex.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this could be a result of Boras pushing the envelope too far and expecting too much from Sox management during their meetings in Texas tonight. This could be either the Red Sox saying enough is enough and the bridge has been burned, or a ploy by the Sox to use the media to let Boras know they're not moving on their offer.

I sure hope the two sides can somehow get this resolved. ITM will be covering any additional news as it breaks.


Joe Murph said...

Oh man. A lousy way to go to bed.

Tim Murphy said...

I fully expect the Yanks to give him $200 million. Shit, that fell apart quickly. I definitely thought the Brass went down their to sign the man.

Joe Murph said...

I'm thinking it might be the Angles with 200m, but the Yankees wouldn't surprise me, either. But, I'm still holding onto some hope in that the following is a perfectly plausible scenario: Sox thought they had a deal going into place, so they schlepped down to Texas, they get all the way down and Boras tries to squeeze them for 23 over 10 by implying there's another offer there, Henry is rightly pissed off at being played after a big schlep and strikes back by going to the press to call the bluff. I mean, Henry going to the press does seem like it might be him calling the bluff, right? Just hope he's playing this right. They didn't think the Yankees offer to Damon was real and called that bluff, too. High stakes game. Glad it's Henry and Theo playing it right now and not me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Teix is not worth more than Manny, Steroid fueled-Giambi, Pujols or prime career-Jeter.

He's a fine player and all but he's not worth 23mill per, and certainly not at the cost of Lowell.

He may still wind up with the Sox and I'll cheer and all, but I'm not going to lose sleep over not having him.

Sox came within one game of making the WS with a banged up all to hell team. In Theo and John we trust.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Dale that Teixeria is not worth 23 million per year, but isn't a lot of this deal just a product of the market? He's the only real big splash, long term, franchise-like player out there with all of the big teams after him.....and with Boras as an agent of course he'll ask for crazy money.

No one is worth that kind of money, but can the Sox really go into next season and expect to win (especially in the AL East) with the current squad????

Anonymous said...

Dale, Joe Murph here again. Any reasonable man's going to agree with your comment that he's not worth $23m. To me your more telling statement was that you wouldn't lose any sleep over a failure to acquire him. Personally, what keeps me up at night is the prospect of the next 5-8 years. Yes, that's unfortunate, I know, but I'm like I'm a single 30 year old with a ticking biological clock and I'm it for a husband, dammit, not a fling. So what's the solution going forward if not Texeira? Who do you see filling the middle of our lineup as of 2010 (yes, that early, I think we're in trouble)? I suppose the great thing about baseball is there's always a new-young-thing coming up and you never know who'll suddenly be a star and that's why you avoid 23 over 8 contracts, but Tex seemed like the closest to a sure thing on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

Cashman said it's not them. Angels seem coy, but didn't sound like they'd made a new offer. Nationals? Did they take a third mortgage on the ballpark? Put a whole street in Georgetown up for sale?

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