Monday, December 29

Swing and A Miss; Adam Dunn Whiffs Again.

Tired of waiting for Manny Ramirez to sign a contract the Dodgers contacted Adam Dunn about playing left field for them in 2009. Dunn would add a little bit of pop to a line up in desperate need of a bat if Man-Ram signs elsewhere, however you can pencil in more then a strikeout/game to go along with that.

Dunn has averaged 40 home runs and 190 strike outs in an 8 year career, take the good with the bad I suppose. There's been some discussion about the Sox getting in on the bidding for his services and incorporating him as their 4th outfielder. Personally I hate that idea. Dunn strikes out way to much and sported a .236 average last year, .247 in his career.

Throw out those numbers since the Red Sox subscribe to the Bill James Theory of OBP (on base percentage) and Dunn chimes in with an OBP of .380 (38%). Comparing out corner outfield spots, Drew's OBP was .408 last year, .392 in his career, and Jason Bay gets on 37.5% of the time, rounded up 38%.

Pretty much a wash in terms of OBP and Bay bats 40 points higher and struck out 100 less times last year.

Dunn can't play center so throw Jacoby's numbers out, and if you factor in that Dunn would get at most half the at bats he did last year the Sox would be looking at paying a guy $12 million + for 20 home runs and 100 strikeouts.

In Dunn's case it's not about the money so much that he's not a good fit for the 2009 Red Sox in my opinion. The move makes sense for the Dodgers who are without a left fielder and need some power; just be prepared for this guy to be taking 180+ trips from the on deck circle, to home plate, and back to the pine, STRIKE 3 HE'S OUTTA THERE!


Joe Murph said...

Agreed that Dunn is a poor fit for the Sox. I don't think he'll do much for the Dodgers, either (aside from a more than respectable 30-40 hrs). The Dodgers big problem right now is interest, though. My guess is that this is a ploy. The Dodgers need Manny if they're going to exploit their 'big market'.

Dale Sams said...

Hopefully Manny will go to the Dodgers before Tampa Bay wises up to the idea of shelling out 67/3 for Manny.

Sure it blows their payroll up, but they can afford it, and Manny would be a draw.

And of course it sucks for us.

Soxin09' said...

Not a good fit for the Sox at all...and despite the power, overall, he is not an upgrade over Boston's current corner outfielders.

Manny is in a tough spot and could be left without a "serious offer". If it is peace of mind he is really looking for, he should be ready and willing to take less money and play for Kansas City. This way we can never hear about him again.

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