Tuesday, December 23

Yanks Stun the Sox, Sign Teixiera

I can't wait until Mark Teixiera and his new team, the New York Yankees come to Fenway Park. I will boo until I need surgery on my throat in order to regain my voice. The Yankees, who stayed on the sideline for most of the negotiations, have swooped in at the last minute and persuaded Teix, with what else - millions, to spend the next 8 years in pinstripes. The deal, as reported by ESPN's Buster Olney, is for 8 years at 180 million dollars.....10 million more than what the Red Sox reportedly had on the table. There is also suspected to be a no trade clause included. Perhaps Teixiera decided that with their recent moves, the Yankees are the better team to play for if he wants to win, perhaps he is all about the money ... or REALLY NEEDED that 1.25 million per year....perhaps the Sox will be better off without him? (the last two I seriously doubt)

It has been reported that Scott Boras and the Yanks had a quiet agreement in mind all the time, that being; once all final offers were in, call the Yanks and they would offer more. It's that easy. It is possible that the Red Sox really thought they had Teixiera in the bag this afternoon and were shocked by the sudden turn of events. Either way, Theo will take some criticism for this. Losing Teixiera to the Nationals for more money is one thing, but to the Yanks, oh boy, we're lucky nothing is on fire yet.

Earlier today most of the media seemed convinced the Sox would land the free agent slugger and he wouldn't go to his hometown area to play for the Nationals. Now, everyone is trying to do the math to figure out how much the Yanks have spent this off season on three of the biggest players in the market. Just in case you don't have a calculator handy, 423.5 million....nearly half a billion dollars on three players....all of whom are signed until after they turn 35. What recession!? Good luck to people in New York when they have to pay over 2,500 for a seat at the new Yankee stadium (seriously, no joke there, it has been confirmed, some seats will cost over 2,500 per game).

I'm going to refrain from swearing repeatedly like most other blogs, or threatening to fight anyone who even looks like a Yankee fan tonight when I walk down Beacon street......instead I'm going to take some time for this to sink in and analyze further at a later date.

For now Red Sox Nation, here are a few things that are for certain:

-The Yankees are a much better team at this point than last year.

-Your starting first and third basemen will be Kevin Youkilis and Mike Lowell....provided Lowell comes back at 100%, that is nothing to sneeze at.

-The Yankees have the 4 highest paid players in baseball on their roster and could still sign Manny Ramirez. If they can't win it all in 2009, they should be banned from baseball forever.

-Scott Boras will never show his face in Boston, because he's actually a smart guy for a complete super chooch.

-The Yankees will pay their top 4 players more next year than about 10 other MLB team's entire payrolls (Do you think the Pirates agree that the Yanks are bad for baseball right now?)

More reactions to come....once I settle down.....I can hear my brothers swearing even though they're 50 miles south of me.


Soxin09' said...

the reckless spending continues....I hope they all get hurt on their first day in a Yankee uniform. This is terrible for baseball. The worst thing is, the Yankee fans think they've earned it, all they did was buy players....they didn't even grow their own talent and then use the trade value. Bullshit.

Rich V said...

Plain and simple - he is a yankee. All the talk of being a great businessman. Does Scott Boras run all of baseball?? Is this clown really this smart??

The drama of how today went down is half the pain. One thing is certain bro - I am doing a lot more than just swearing right now. Anyone else on the Peavytrain because I am. We are back to being Boston again - always the underdog - bring it

Tim Murphy said...

I was on the Peavy train early, but the more I think about it I'm not sure he thrives in the AL east. Plus you're giving up alot. What I really want the Sox to do is trade for Saltamachia or Teagarden, they need a young catcher to invest in.

Friggin Yanks, they'll buy anything.

Dale Sams said...

Hasn't Peavy said he doesn't want to go to Boston....and, as usual, teams will hold the Sox hostage because being in the same division as the Yankees, Sox always appear desperate.

Tim Murphy said...

Padres GM reportedly said peavy would "reluctantly accept a deal to Boston". who knows what that means.

D Vicino said...

What has the asking price for Peavy been though? Two of our key young arms? I just hope this doesn't result in Sox managment making irrational moves. We don't have half a billion to spend on everyone in order to fix major past mistakes.

Dale Sams said...

I think Sox will make a strong move for Sheets, though I'm leery of pitcher's with season ending injuries. And of course continue to explore options at catcher. If they have to, they'll just open the season with whatever catcher they happen to have. They won't make a questionable move for a questionable catcher like Salty.

Joe Murph said...

For the record, I have a really concrete complaint here: I pay ridiculous, ridiculous taxes for living and working in NYC. And some chunk of that went to the new Yankees Stadium. Why? Why did they need my money? Seriously. How could they demand partial public financing and then do this? Obviously, this isn't really why I'm angry, but I think it makes my complaints sound more legitimate. Right?

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