Thursday, January 8

Smoltz Deal on the Horizon

Looks like the Red Sox and veteran pitcher John Smoltz are close on a 1 year deal worth $5.5 million guaranteed, and incentives could make the deal as rich as $10 million. Smoltz is recovering from season ending shoulder surgery from 2008, but would likely be ready to pitch by June.

Smoltz has pitched for the Atlanta Braves for 20 years both as a starter and in the bullpen. His career record is 210-147 with an ERA of 3.26 including the NL Cy Young in 1996. Make no mistake about the Sox are not signing the same pitcher won that that Cy Young, however I like this signing if it goes through.

The Sox have a history of managing their pitching staff very carefully, so finding a spot for Smoltz won't be a problem. By June or July giving Beckett or Lester (or any of the 5 starters) an extra day off or skipping them in the rotation can pay great dividends down the stretch run and into October. Smoltz is a warrior and a tremendous post season resume, nothing wrong with adding a guy like that to your roster.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great move. Especially where we have a lot of young arms coming up; it'll be good to have a guy like Smoltz around them.

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