Thursday, January 29

'Tek Considering Retirement? Or Just More Boras Bull?

Scott Boras might as well be holding his breath and stomping his feat right now.....he's trying anything to get what he wants, but the Red Sox don't appear to be budging. With a reported deadline of tomorrow morning, Jason Varitek needs to make a decision to either take or reject Boston's offer, and needs to make it soon.....

But according to a "baseball source" 'Tek is now seriously considering sitting out 2009 or just retiring from baseball all together....because you know, if you can't get what you want, you quit. Apparently Boras and 'Tek are not especially excited about the Red Sox one-year, 5 million dollar offer that has a dual option at the end of 2009 resulting in 8 million dollars of guaranteed money (keep in mind 'Tek is going through a divorce so essentially those numbers could/can be cut in half). This appears to be their last ditch effort to get more money out of the Sox, but with no other suitor on the market for 'Tek, they're running out of time and options.

Far be it for me to assume, especially since I don't know 'Tek personally, but this seems to be sincerely out of character. I don't expect him to retire nor sit out the 2009 season. I think this is just Scot Boras being Scot Boras. It's time for him to admit that he has embarrassed himself and his client in this negotiation process. The Sox may have "hurt your feelings" 'Tek...but take the deal, stop letting Boras ruin your character and take the deal.


Anonymous said...

Grow up Boras/Tek...put your egos aside and realize that you screwed this one up. Sign the deal and make millions of dollars while the rest of us just pray we have a job in the morning.

Must be nice to bitch and wine about 8 - 10 million dollars over two years.

Joe Murph said...

I just can't imagine what could be gained from sitting out. And to retire as a mean of pouting doesn't seem like the way a guy like 'Tek wants to go out. I hope not.

DVicino said...

Exactly Joe, which is why we must assume it's Boras leaking the story in a last ditch effort to push up Boston's offer. Still, this really hurts 'Tek's brand image....and really compromises the high character level he's worked hard to build throughout his career. This just doesn't make much sense.

Joe Murph said...

Jayson Stark at reporting that the 8:30am deadline was a media creation, and that the accept/reject deadline was actually more flexible. But, who knows, maybe this is really the media creation, or the party spin. No way to know with these parties.

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