Saturday, January 17

Varitek: Meeting went "Okay"

Sources report this morning that no resolution was reached in yesterday's meeting between Sox owner John Henry and (is he still the Captain in limbo?) Jason Varitek. Varitek indicated only that the meeting went "okay" and suggested that the ball is now in the Red Sox court.

One tidbit out of the meeting --- when asked by Henry if he wanted to return to the Sox for 2009, Jason Varitek responded with a clear "Yes." Henry reportedly did not return the compliment. But, you know, that's not completely unexpected.

Our principal owner just doesn't strike me as the smoothest guy. I'm picturing Henry and Varitek in a beat-up Oldsmobile parked at Lover's Point and after a heavy petting session, 'Tek turns with the moonlight on his cheek and tells Henry, "I love you," and Henry just freezes. "I think you're great, you know that, 'Tek...I gotta talk to Theo. Let me get back to you." Then he starts tapping randomly on his blackberry hoping that the awkward moment will just pass.

That, and Henry has been burned this offseason. 'Tek pulled an A-Rod (by way of Warren Buffett, apparently) and called this meeting without Boras, who is in Atlanta for the Lowe announcement. But that doesn't mean Henry might not be pleased to see 'Tek and Boras squirm a little. Particularly as the longer 'Tek has to wait, the more he comes to resent the agent who told him arbitration is for the birds.

All in all, we have the makings of a weekend soap opera. I think I speak for everyone here at ITM, though, when I say we'd rather it end quickly and professionally. In the end, I think that's how it'll turn out.

Any predictions on what 'Tek gets for an offer (if anything) and by when?

I'm saying a 2 year deal for slightly less than arbitration money is on the table this afternoon, after the early college bball games and before the Conference championships tomorrow. Sandwich it between those events and you've got a very, very short news cycle. Which is exactly what 'Tek wants, the less time for Sportscenter to throw his contract up on a chart next to Posada's.

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Tim Murphy said...

I don't know if a deal gets done this weekend but I like your thinking for keeping it limited to a half news cycle.

I still think he gets a year, maybe a 2nd or an option at 2-5 million, he won't touch his arbitration number.

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