Saturday, February 7

Arod Tests Positive for the Juice

"Oh crap" That's what Arod said when he woke up this morning, reached over Madonna for the remote control and turned on Sportscenter.

A new report released this morning by Sports Illustrated reveals that in 2003, Alex Rodriguez tested positive for the steroid Primobolan, as well as testosterone. 2003 was A-Rod's final year with the Rangers in which he won the home run crown and the American League MVP.

The testing was part of a league-wide sample designed to determine whether tougher rules were required. There was no penalty for a positive test, and approximately 5% of players tested positive. 104 players tested positive for steroids, all of which were notified after failing the drug test. So to answer your next question, yes Arod and others have known since 2003 they tested positive for steroids.

ARod did not respond to SI's request for comment, saying only, "You'll have to talk to the union." When asked if he would discuss testing positive for steroid Arod said, "I'm not saying anything." Doesn't sound like the comments of an innocent man.

Did baseball just lose the next home run king of baseball to steroids? Coupled with this story is Barry Bonds in court for allegedly lying under oath about taking steroids, and not far back in car number 7 is Roger Clemens, who's DNA was recently linked to needles used for injecting steroids. Arod is the latest car to be hooked up to the steroid train.

A number of questions are being asked now, but we don't have answers yet. Is Arod still on the juice? Has he tested positive since 2003? Who leaked the supposedly sealed information? (SI is saying they have 4 separate sources) What will baseball's response be, what will Arod say?
I know what I would do if I were Arod; go the Andy Pettitte route and come clean.
Somewhere in a swimming pool in America Michael Phelps has a smile on his face, his famous bong hit has finally been bumped from the top story.

ITM will have more on this story as it develops, as well as reactions and opinion.


D Vicino said...

At first the selfish red sox fan in me was pumped and wanted to throw this in every Yankee fan's face....but the baseball fan in me is saddened as yet another great talent has been tainted by bad decision-making. This is our generation of baseball that has been completely discredited.

That said, this will be an interesting story to watch pan out.

Anonymous said...

I want to know who else is on that list, 104 names long. I'm sure Arod is the biggest, but who else was juicing in 2003?

redsox09' said...

I'm not ashamed to be a selfish red sox fan...the Yanks have spent more than everyone AND cheated...and still can't win. I know he was a Ranger when the tests took place, but what's to say he hasn't been taking other enhancements all along. This clearly shows his character.

Good thing Arod has never seen a camera he doesn't love, I hope the NY media rips him apart.

Anonymous said...

I'll take some pleasure in this, but 1) he would have been a Red Sox directly following those tests if we hadn't gotten beaten to the punch, and 2) like anonymous said, 104 is a lotta names; I'm gonna assume for the time being that there's some beloved Red Sox on that list. Hope I'm wrong.

Dale Sams said...

You're not. Garciaparra almost certainly.

Arod used? No one, including Manny and Papi, would surprise me now.

Bobby V. said...

what a year for A-rod. His marriage folded almost as fast as the Yanks. Then his strange fling with that washed up material girl. Now a steroid link. True, it is bad for baseball,but it could not have happened to a better guy! Enjoy 09 ......can't wait to see him come to Fenway!

Anonymous said...

what do you guys think about the yankees murderes row? i think that a lineup works better when there is one great player surrounded with a couple good players, not just a lineup with all superstars. what do you think?
go on my site to see my opinion on the a-rod juicing. a shame.

Anonymous said...

wait so the sox are moving stadiums?!!! dumb move.

D Vicino said...

Aris...two Yanks have to prove a murderes row in order to actually have one....don't force it. They clearly have a moutanian of media scrutiny to go through throughout the year.....And we won't get going on possible injuries that'll likely have an impact on both teams.

Number two; I don't know what your last comment means. Elaborate fully and maybe we can correctly respond. (i'm assuming you mean spring training stadiums?...which they are currently tentively scheduled to move into in 2012???)

Anonymous said...

ohhh i thought they were moving from fenway... so guys what are your predictions for the upcoming season?

Sidarth Kumar said...

I was at flashscoop and they were talking about how curt schilling wants the whole LIST revealed.

Just out everybody who uses at once, and baseball can just moovee on. Seriously its just a minority of players who use anyway (a strong minority but still a minority), but the whole league is tarnished.

I think shcilling's take is on the money
anyway, read for yourself if yall are interested

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