Thursday, February 5

Kotsay on the Shelf Until May

My boy, Mark Kotsay, will be sidelined until at least May after having back surgery to remove a displaced disc fragment on January 29th. Health is a concern for the Sox heading into the season, perhaps why they signed Brad Wilkerson to a 1 year deal yesterday.

David Ortiz and Mike Lowell are both coming off injuries, and you never know with JD Drew and Rocco Balldeli; it's certainly conceivable that Kotsay could have seen some serious playing time early in the season. However, the word out of Red Sox camp is Lowell and Ortiz are on track to be ready for the season, but of course they are saying that.

I don't expect the Sox to rush Lowell or Ortiz out on the field in spring training, it's far more important that these guys are healthy for the season then to get 2 at bats against the Twins for the Mayors cup.

With Kotsay out I assume that means Brad Wilkerson makes the team as the back up first baseman, unless another deal is made. Wilkerson hit a Varitek-like .220 last year between Seattle and Toronto with 4 home runs, however he has hit 20 taters in a season in 3 or his 7 years in the bigs, not that the Sox are signing him for his bat.

That said, the search for my Mark Kotsay t-shirt jersey continues...


D Vicino said...

Kotsay is your boy huh?...too bad he doesn't have a money name you can yell like my boy Rocco.

Seriously though, this is a more important injury than most would think considering his back up role. Too many question marks going into the season already to have the injury bug hit.

Dale Sams said...

Just before Kotsay nearly hit a walk-off hit in the Angels series...the fans were cheering something odd. Something from his Braves days? I never could figure it out.

Joe Murph said...

My girlfriend calls him Jesus 'cause she thinks he has "sympathetic" eyes in the same style as most Western-civ Jesus portrayals. Maybe that's a widely held belief. Could they have been chanting something religious? Like monks?

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