Wednesday, February 25

Sox Open With Win Against BC Eagles

As far as the Sox beating the Eagles 7-1 today in the Spring Training opener, the outcome really doesn't matter at all. What does matter is that baseball is back, hopefully a sign that all this snow will melt and grass will begin to grow again.

As for the game, Josh Becket pitched 2 perfect innings striking out 2 Eagles, both looking. Sadly Beckett did not hit anyone or threaten the life of any BC players, probably best, a suspension is not the way to start the season for your ace.

Most importantly, Beckett was throwing strikes, 15 of his 22 pitchers were in the zone. Granted the hitting talent isn't that of the Yankees or (don't call them Devil) Rays' line up, but throwing strikes in a live game is what mattered today.

Speaking with the press after Beckett said, "It was nice to get a little adrenaline. Obviously, we've been facing hitters for six days now, and I just think sometimes on those back fields that's the only thing lacking. Obviously, you've got a hitter standing in there, a few elements that you don't generally deal with, batting cages and nets in front of you and stuff like that. But it was nice to have the adrenaline. Even though it was a college team, you still have that adrenaline."

Indeed, Josh Beckett loves adrenaline; saying it and pitching off it.

Clay Buchholz pitched one perfect inning, throwing 6 pitches for strikes. Rocco Baldelli whiffed twice in his first at bats in a Sox uniform and Chris Carter had a 3 run double that broke things open.

The Sox have never lost to BC, a perfect 19-0. Imagine the riots on the BC campus if they ever did beat the Sox, I can imagine the sea of yellow super fan t-shirts running down Chestnut Hill (I don't even know why I make fun of them, probably because it's easy).

Overall not much else to say about the game. I read 48 year old BP pitcher Ino Guerrero got an at bat, not going to comment on that.

Tonight the Sox open up Grapefruit League action against the Minnesota Twins. As always the teams will battle for the Mayors Cup this Spring Training, I believe the Red Sox have won the last two years, although I hesitate to say that because there was no parade or champagne to confirm it.

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Tim Murphy said...

Sub plot for tonights game (might actually be the plot) Josh Bard catching the knuckle ball, hunya...

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