Sunday, March 8

Ft. Myers Day Three: Sox Feast on Rays Pitching

With great seats, weather, and beer, ITM was treated to a hitting clinic by the Red Sox this afternoon. The Red Sox ended a home and away weekend series against the Rays with an 8 to 2 bashing. Masterson started the game and went 3 strong innings, the Red Sox offense took it from there as the outcome was never truly in doubt after the third inning.

Some of the news and notes from ITM's day in Ft Myers....

- The current Grapefruit league MVP, Julio Lugo, continues to impress. Despite having his pants pulled up over his belly button, Lugo went 3 for 3,with two rbi and played great defense at short, especially on plays up the middle. Thus far this spring he has seemingly mastered the seeing eye single through the left side of the infield. He had two more of them this afternoon, as well as a line-drive double to the left-center gap. ITM note, he continues to run like Cologero from "A Bronx Tale" incredibly nonathletic looking motion.

- Zach Degeas, a double A Portland outfielder made a catch in left field and followed it up with a monster tater in the bottom of the inning. How often do we see that? ITM note, this kid can play, he hit .307 in Portland last year.

-We were quite impressed with Daniel Bard. The kid was lights out. He had a 15 pitch inning, striking out the side with a filthy mix of gas and off-speed pitches. His stock just went up in ITM's book.

-Junichi Tazawa settled down after a rough first inning, throwing two innings, giving up one run on two hits while striking out two. As expected, he showed signs of brilliance, but needs additional work and experience.

Players who have impressed ITM thus far:

-Jonathon VanEvery has shown power from both sides of the plate thus far. Another tater in today's game.

-Nick Green. Plays both second and third, good contact hitter with a solid glove in the field. Potential role as a big league utility guy down the road.

-Heidi Watney. She continues to wow the crowd with her sun dresses. Safe to say those who have been to games before make sure to stay a few minutes after the game to watch her on the field giving her post-game wrap up. Solid contributor.


Joe Murph said...

For the record, I not only like the play out of Julio Lugo, I like where he wears his pants. Dammit, a man's slacks are not worn on the hip. Pull them up, fellas. If it's good enough for Cary Grant, it's good enough for you.

Soxin09' said...

I don't care ridiculous Lugo looks so long as he keeps this up into the season. Long way to go before getting too excited everyone.

donahuee said...

Listen up boys...

Number 1 - I think you ought to leave discussions about sundresses, slacks and other fashions to us ladies. While you make some excellent points about baseball, you are out of your league (lil pun there) on the fashion talk (especially you Joey - I will remind you about your high school fashion faux pas including your penchant for khaki and gray).

Number 2 - D, if you don't cool it with the Heidi Watney talk, you might look up the aisle in August and find that ITM Gal isn't waiting at the other end. I'm just sayin'... might be a good idea to just leave that to Timmy.

displacedsoxfan said...

I agree with donahuee and also remember's Joe's never ending cycle of khaki's and sweaters and/or polo shirts in high school! Sounds like a successful "business" trip though, to bad you had to come back to crappy weather.

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