Tuesday, March 3

Manny, Dodgers are near a deal...I swear, kinda

Nearly every publication has at one time or another posted that the Manny saga out in LA was over and a deal was almost complete. ITM chose not to cover the west coast drama in the off season....no need to rehash some serious hatred right?

As a result, we'll say this, the deal is "just about done"....reportedly for 45 million over 2 years....undoubtedly Manny will have issue with something...from not enough blue M&M's in his locker, to no personal assistent who deposits his checks for him....something will hold it up for a day or two more....(really it's the amount of deferred money, but I imagine Manny has some ridiculously outrageous demands as well).

So that's it, I'm done with the Manny story...even if the report of a done deal turns out to be false rumors, I don't care, I'm not writing about it. Do me this one favor though, as of right now, forget about Manny....he's going to RAKE out there in the NL West, some of you will wish he was back in Boston, but be sure to remember all of the bad times you had with him. He's like that hot ex girlfriend who cheated on you and left you out to dry, yeah she's still hot, but there is no way you could ever take her back....never.....and in Manny's case, he's on the decline anyways....I think.


Anonymous said...

What about when we only have two uninjured outfielders? Cause when my girlfriend's out of town, I do have to fight the urge to call the ex-es.

D Vicino said...

That will be the toughest test in the breakup process (which is unfortunately somewhat likely). At that point you've gotta have too much pride to go running back to her. She's getting old, is undeniably insane, and probably suffers from bi-polar disorder. You've got a good job, and because of the break up you've got more money... go out and find yourself a younger hot chick if you know what I mean.

Joe Murph said...

Wait, is the younger hot chick Grady Sizemore? I'm lost.

D Vicino said...

Absolutely....Sizemore is the MLB equivalent of Bar Refaeli right now.

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