Saturday, March 7

O Canada

The US's opening match in the WBC against Team Canada turned out to be a thriller. USA squeaked it out 6-5, but boy did the Canucks fight them good. The atmosphere was downright electric.

It came down to the 9th, when Joey Votto doubled off of J.J. Putz to drive in Russell Martin and make it 6-5. Morneau hit a hard ground ball, but couldn't get it by Jimmy Rollins (who made a strong, strong throw to get the first batter of the inning, Adam Stern, on a bang-bang play that likely saved the game). It came down, then, to Jason Bay, who went down 0-2, fought the count full, but ultimately came up short with a pop up to left.

Stars of the game: Adam Dunn, who homered to center in the 6th to drive in Youk and put Team USA ahead for the win; and Joey Votto, who went 4 for 5, and Martin, 2 for 3 with 3 runs; and finally, Chris Leroux, a single A prospect with the Marlins who pitched out of a bases loaded, nobody out jam in the 7th.

Random notes:

---Adam Dunn's enthusiasm at the WBC is really infectious. He kept taking his pulse in the dugout and whooping out of nowhere.

---Quote of the night, naturally, goes to Adam Dunn in the postgame interview: "This was playoff atmosphere...Well I've never been in the playoffs, but boy, if it's like this, I can't wait."

---According to Rick Sutcliffe, managers and players all say that the difference, and the big advantage, for this year's Team USA is none other than Dustin Pedroia. Apparently he's really buoyed the clubhouse and they all say he's given them the swagger they need to have in a tourney like this. That's our boy.

---Watching Team Canada is a great time if for no other reason than every couple of innings you go, "What? He's Canadian?" I mean, Joey Votto. Really? Et tu, Michael Teahan? They're a fun team to watch.

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D Vicino said...

I had no idea half of that team was Canadian...great game though....that's about as close as Adam Dunn will get to playoff baseball since he signed with the Nationals.

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