Sunday, March 29

What to do about Buchholz....

Clay Buchholz has done everything right this spring. He's been lights out on the mound to the tune of a 0.45 era, he's worked hard both mentally and physically to get past the nightmare that was last season, and he's played well with the media, answering each question with Patriot-like responses focused on the greater good. So the queation becomes, what do you do with the 24 year old?

Buchholz (outside of my boy Daniel Bard), has been the most impressive arm for the Sox this spring. He's put in the time at the gym and on a shrink's couch to prepare himself for a successul run at the big leagues. But simply put, the red sox, right now, don't need him in Boston. With Brad Penny most likely in the 5 hole and Smoltz showing signs he'llbe back sooner than later, Buchholz, through no fault of his own, appears to be the odd man out. Which immediatley brings up the topic of value. Save for just after he tossed a no hitter, Clay's value has never been higher, and some in Red Sox Nation think it's time to maximize that value via a trade for a young catcher or perhaps even more.

If I'm Theo, (which would be awesome) I surely explore theopportunity, but the old saying still holds can never have enough pitching. So unless they can somehow land Hanley (with additional specs obviously), Buchholz should spend a significant amount of time in Pawtucket (which is beautiful this time of year), continue to build his physical and mental confidence, and look forward to a bright future pitching at Fenway...which could be sooner than later based on injuries and needs. Buchholz needs to build consistency and efficiency on the mound, something that shouldn't be tested underthe Fenway lights until we're absolutley sure he's ready.

All that said, I want to hear other opinions on this topic, anyone believe we should deal him at a high value for someone like Salty orTeagarden? Do we have enough studly arms on the way up through the farm system that we can afford the risk of moving him? Let's all playTheo for a few minutes....

PS: I just typed this up on my blackberry as I'm currently stuck on a plane facing delays while trying to get to Buenos Aires...that's dedication right there!


Dale Sams said...

Absolutly not should we trade Clay for the overrated Salty, Teagarden or Montero.

He should either be held for when Wake or Penny falter or traded for a sure thing in a fire sale like Hanley.

Soxin09' said...

Cafardo had a few paragraphs on the Salty/Buchholz proposal today in the globe. There has been no additional trade talk and both teams are very happy to keep their respective young guys.

Salty has won the starting job over Teagarden and has had a great spring (whatever that is worth). Doesn't this get back to the value of a catcher with potential versus a pitcher with potential?

Can't the season just start already?

D Vicino said...

I didn't mean to get the whole catcher vs pitcher upside potential convo going again.....but was thinking more along the lines of Clay's market value. Right now, it's probably as high as it's ever been, Theo wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't at least listen to what offers are out there. The fact that the Sox have a lot of young arms may play a role in the decision making, but in the end I don't think they deal him. This is however undboutedly a very important season in determining Clay's career in Boston or elsewhere.

Tim Murphy said...

I would agree that Buchholz's trade value is high right now, maybe not as high after his no-no, but still high.

The only guy I would trade him for is Hannly Ramirez, and that deal isn't going to happen right now.

I think starting Buchholz in Pawtucket is the right move, let him build on the spring and cement his confidence. He'll make his way up to Boston at some point this year.

Anonymous said...

I'm just not to high on Penny. I'm still pulling for Buchholz to get that fifth spot. Might be a pipe dream at this point.

D Vicino said...

Indeed it's probably a pipe dream at this point. Penny has looked strong....knock on wood. However I expect to see Clay up with the big league club at some point this it via injuries or September call-ups.

I agree with Tim in regards to only dealing him for a Hanely-type player...but don't expect that to happen either. Let's all just hope he continues to build his confidence and locate his fastball down in RI.....perhaps he can figure out how to save their economy while he's down there too.

D Vicino said...

I should also note that Michael Felger recently said he wouldn't trade Buchholz for Pujols straight up....not that I ever listened to anything Felger has to say, but this guy is clearly a mental midget. How does he still have a job?

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