Thursday, April 16

I Blame the Globe....

I called it. A few days ago the Boston Globe ran an article describing Boston's good chance to make a run at championships in all four major sports this year...."something that has never been done before in the sports world"....and with that, we were jinxed.

Of course we all know about the injuries to Lowrie and the Dice Man that quickly followed the running of that article. Coincidence? Possibly. Now I wake up to hear about a Clay Buchholz hamstring injury. While it's not considered serious, the combination of hearing about Clay and the breaking news that Kevin Garnett will not be ready for the playoffs has me searching for that Globe article in an effort to burn it. Next thing you know Tom Brady will....nope, I'm not even going to say it.

When will they learn? You just can't run an article like that an expect things to turn out well. In the same way that Tim shouldn't have used the phrase "Wake has a no-no going through 7" when he called me yesterday....jinxed. I don't get it.

While I may blame Ortiz and others for the slow start, the overarching blame is squarely on the Globe's shoulders now. This injury blood is on your hands. Thanks a lot guys, thanks a lot.


DVicino said...

I should also note that Clay's "injury" most likely answers the question of who would start in Dice-k's place. Justin Masterson will likely get the nod with Clay now day-to-day.

He'll probably have a pretty hard pitch count since he's not quite ready to go 7 or 8 yet. More likely to go 5 or 6 if he's effective at this point.

Joe Murph said...

Seriously, I'm calling my parents and asking them not to wait for the end of the week recycling, but to burn it now. Now.

Soxin09' said...

Burning them is one thing, butI think everyone should boycott the Globe all together. It wouldn't take much for them to go completely under.

Do the Celtics have any chance now???

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