Saturday, April 4

Red Sox Bloopers...

Every year during spring training all baseball players tape their promotional video ads and voice overs. I recently came across this video of this year's performance from the Sox.....It's really hard not to like these guys, they may not be the "idiots" of 03/04', but you've still got to love them....especially Dusty, who never lets us down in the "you're hilariously insane" department. Definitely worth a look below....


Pray that it doesn't rain on Monday as opening day can't get here soon I helped plan an entire office party surrounding the afternoon game and would be screwed if they don't get it in.....I should probably start working on a contingency plan now...Go Sox.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"This is kinda hard, I only just try to hit rockets ok?" Priceless Pedroia.

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