Sunday, April 5

There is just something about opening day.....

A phone call with JoeMurph today got me thinking about how sacred opening day is. It's not only the start of another Red Sox season, but it seems to mark a change in overall life feelings. Seasonal depression? Maybe, but there is something about this time of year that just seems to make everything right. You can feel it from the north end, to the fens, to hyde park, the city is alive again.

I was driving down storrow this afternoon, sun roof down, 60 degree weather, people everywhere, staring at a sunny Boston skyline, Red Sox baseball just hours away...this is what it's about. During the cold winter months, I often tell people I struggle to rationalize why I live in Boston. This is why, there is nothing better than sunny spring and summer days with baseball on the mind.

It may be somewhat comparable to Fever Pitch, but my life changes when the season starts, work productivity likely goes down, my graduate school GPA plummets, and overall obsession with all things Red Sox (and subsequently, my fantasy baseball team) goes way up. You begin talking every night about the Sox with friends you haven't heard from since October. A night watching the Sox outside at Tia's sounds like perfection. The number of awkward conversations with coworkers that you don't actually know naturally decreases as discussions on Dice-k's inefficiency, or JD Drew's health spring up at any time, in any place (most often used in elevators).

Opening day in the Fens officially switches my brain from winter doldrums to summer delight. I swear I smile at least 83% more of the time during baseball season. I'm not sure what exactly it is, but everything seems to make sense again....until Tek goes 0 for 12 in this first series. The boys of summer pose as a release from the stress of everyday life....granted my obsession with them usually only adds to stress levels, but it's something I could never live without.

Either way, it's time. Opening day is upon us and ITM is going to be all over the Red Sox this season, so keep checking in.....Let's go Sox.

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