Tuesday, April 7

Yankees Follow-Up

To help get you through the morning hours, here are the headlines from today's NY papers. Enjoy:

NY Daily News: CC, Yanks rocked to start season
Id: Irked O's fans send angry Teix message
Id: Struggles an Eye-Opener

NY Post: CC, Tex Stink it up in Opener
Id: Yanks' Big-Money Men Make Poor Impressions
Id: Knicks Miss Playoffs for Fifth Straight Season (just thought you'd enjoy that, too)

NY Times: New Stars Fizzle as Yankees Absorb a Beating

Metro New York: Opening Day Bust

AM New York: Get a Derek Jeter-Style Manicure and Pedicure (ed-seriously)

Let's hope the Fenway debut goes a little smoother.


D Vicino said...

I love it.

And the Knicks are the worst franchise in sports.

D Vicino said...

How long until Joba is back into that bullpen??

Anonymous said...

Joba will be in the pen by late May....

Clearly CC is no Josh Beckett.

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