Thursday, May 14

The Bard's Debut

Daniel Bard got his first major league appearance last night, and it was an impressive debut. Bard came in with nobody out and runners on second and third in the sixth inning. He struck out Mike Napoli on three swing and miss fastballs. Bard then got two outs (though one of them was a sac fly for a run.) The next inning was a little less tidy, with a walk, a hit, and a stolen base, but Bard still plowed through and got the outs without any harm done.

The real point of interest were the postgame quotes, some of which were simply too good not to share here:

Bard, on his first appearance: "To be honest with you, I thought there was just a guy on second until the third pitch I threw. Then I looked over and saw Hunter on third. I hope Farrell doesn't see this." You gotta love it when players are too excited to hide the fact that they're kids playing a kids' game.

Napoli on the three pitch strikeout: "He kind of blew my doors off a little bit there. He’s got pretty easy cheese. He brings it up there pretty good, pretty firm." Man, baseball lingo is the best. Just the best. It's the only sport, I think, where guys still talk as though they put themselves through the minors hustling in local pool halls. I wish they still had names like "Doc" and "Smoky Joe" and "Sawdust."

Congrats, Bard. Good luck in the Show.
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