Wednesday, May 13

Excitement on Both Coasts...

It's been a tough week to be in San Francisco on business already....the Boston sports scene is overflowing with emotions, news stories, and comeback victories.

Fortunately I was lucky enough to meet up with a few friends at a Boston bar out here, and the excitement for the current epicenter of sports can be felt all the way on the left coast.

A combination of catching up, jet lag, and long hours in the office made it difficult to stay focused on the Sox game tonight, but the overall excitement for all things Boston is here too. A few thoughts I had coming away from tonight's Boston-romp are:

-This may be the first time I've been excited the Sox were playing out on the west coast, but I would never be able to live out here and have to deal with 4pm start times. I'd probbly be fired for leaving the office early in the spring and summer months....and come playoff time, forget it, I wouldn't even show up.

-Oddly enough, I didn't care that Ortiz looked to be in serious pain after taking a pitch off his bad wrist late in the scored a run when I expected double play ball to second. There was an element of relief in my stomach that should never be there when Ortiz is at the plate. As much as I hate having you in my starting fantasy lineup right now, I hope the wrist is well Papi.

-Did Jacoby really get called out at home plate? I wasn't sure that could happen, ever....I'm still not convinced he was out...and will also stick to my assumption that he'll score on a "sac fly" to deep second base at some point this season.

-How money is Ramon Ramirez? All of us were pissing and moaning when we shipped Coco Covelli out of town for a guy from Kansas City no one had ever heard of.....and I'll say it again (with the exception of Lugo), In Theo We Trust.

-San Fran's hills are ridiculous, I could never stumble home from a bar and survive, especially after a great win, or tough loss.

-Every time I think the number of heartbreaking Angels losses to the Red Sox may be ready to go into a lull, the Sox pull off a game like tonight. If I'm one of those fake fans down there in LA, I would absolutely hate the Red Sox.

How great is it to be a Bostonian these days? Nearly every night there is an amazingly important game on....and I'm not even making up the significance of the games to ITMGal just so I can watch the Sox blow out the Orioles like I've done in the past. I can't wait to get back East...just praying all three teams are still doing as well.

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