Sunday, May 24

Fenway You're My Home?

The Sox lost their second game in a row at home tonight against the Mets. I was there to partake in the Papelbon loss, but of more concern to me was the insane amount of Mets fans in the Fens tonight.

Now I know they only get up here once every few years and it's a long weekend....but Christ, it was very close to 60/40, Sox/Mets fans and I've lost my voice by screaming at them in an attempt to save face for Red Sox Nation.

There is certainly more to come from ITM about tonight's game, but for now we'll put it at this: I've been disappointed for the past two years in the lack of true Red Sox pride at Fenway, and the Mets showed me why again tonight. The Mets fans were far too loud and far too "at home" in Fenway. Myself, brother, cousin, friends and I did our best to make them feel out of place, but the truth is that the Mets got the best of the Sox tonight in every way possible.......outside of the solid fight in the bathroom after the game though....the Mets fans undoubtedly lost that one.

Bone up Sox...


Tom said...

Insane amount of Mets fans last night!! I agree they were very comfortable in the confines of good ol' Fenway. I have noticed more and more of the bad guys fans walking around like they own the place... not good. Although that fan in the bathroom definately got "chuckeled" I believe the term from the Sox fan was. Haha always a treat when stupidity meets alcohol. I was looking for T-Murph to come out swinging the folding chair or breaking out a spinebuster!! Time to bring back that Fenway pride.We shouldn't hear the visitor chant over our own!!

D Vicino said...

I agree Tom. I'm not calling for fights or stupidity...just asking for the Fenway faithful to show a little more pride.

I'd say we did a good holding up our end of the bargain. My throat hurts today from screaming everything from "Queens is a dump!" to "Make the playoffs" in the let's go red sox chant.

Still don't know how I wrote a semi-coherent post at 2am last night.

Tom said...

Let's not forget "let's go Phillies" or I do believe my old go to was "F the Mets" or "so and so(insert name here, Hamels, Rollins etc.) called & said you are a bunch of chokers."

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