Saturday, May 16

Only Up From Here?

I didn't think it was possible, but when I fired up my blackberry upon landing at Logan at 1 am last night I realized the Red Sox have far more problems than when I left.

There was a lot of talk in spring training that the media didn't have much to work with....the lack of story lines made it difficult to decide what to dedicate ink towards. Well, times have changed quickly. Most Red Sox fans are informed and "in the know" enough to quickly come up with a long list of the stories covered by the media, all of which have seen an incredible amount of ink thus far this season, even while the Celtics and Bruins working their way through the playoffs. Now I'll let you decide if you think it's product Boston's natural doomsday attitude, or actual truth, but most of the ink has been of the negative variety, which made me ask the natural question last night.....all things considered how are we 6 games over 500?

Reading the globe, herald, and other media outlets (including this blog), you would think the Sox were 10 games under. So while the extreme struggles of Ortiz, Beckett, and Lester, and the injuries to Youk and Dice-K have dominated the message boards....the fact remains that the Sox are 21-15.

If you would have laid out all of these problems to me in March, I probably would have screamed something in Italian and assumed a 13-23 record at this point. What I'm getting at here is that I know the Sox are a talented team with problems, but given everything that has already happened in this young season, it's tough to imagine things going anywhere but up from this point. Given they are still 21-15, that certainly wouldn't be a bad thing.

Perhaps it's the West Coast attitude rubbing off on me, which is unlikely to continue, but I'm feeling that long term, this team can pick itself up do great things.....let's go Sox.


Soxin09' said...

I like the optimism, but I can't say I share in it completely. We may be 21-15 but I'm not convinced we'll be healthy or lucky enough this season to be a 95 win team. I sure hope I'm wrong though!

D Vicino said...

....sure hope you're wrong as well. Hopefully we can maintain some semblance of health for the season and I think we'll be right there.

Dale Sams said...

Play .500 on road + win home series=playoffs.

D Vicino said...

Definitely a winning formula Dale....and somehow this year the Sox are 13-4 at home and 9-11 on the road. Fairly impressive with or without all the injuries.

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