Wednesday, May 20

Ortiz to Bat 3rd Again Tonight

(I don't think Delta will be calling back)

What else does David Ortiz have to do to get himself out of the number three spot in Boston's batting order? Does he have to kick Tito's dog?

The official lineup has yet to come out, but Tito was on WEEI's Dale and Holley show about an hour ago saying Big Papi would again be in the three hole. To quote Tito directly "If it gets to a point where I think I need to make a change I certainly will do that". My response....when the hell do we get to that point? Do we have to call his mother and get her blessing first? Joe Murph brought up some good points within the post below in regards to the ripple effects Ortiz' production-suck has on the lineup. I just don't see how batting third helps Papi at all at this continues to keep the pressure directly on his shoulders (even more so now that the B's and Celtics are out of the media's ink target), and it's certainly killing the flow of the lineup. The protection arguement just doesn't fly anymore given the way he is being pitched and the horrible swings he's taking. Maybe it's time for Ortiz to man up and tell Tito to move him down? Is that the only way it happens?

Tito also noted that Rocco Baldelli will play right field, substituting in for J.D. Drew with Toronto left-hander Brett Cecil on the we now have two guaranteed outs in the lineup tonight, with a 100% chance of a throwing error if Lugo gets penciled in as well.

That said, go Sox??


Anonymous said...

In regards to the "100% chance of a throwing error," would that make Nick Green's chances 200%???

I -for one- am happy to see Lugo at SS these days; its comparable to seeing Scal on defense in the playoffs.

Beggars can't be choosers.

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D Vicino said...

3x7 Index....

I'm not sure anything is comparable with Scal on defense, but Lugo at short is definitely close.

I'd give Nick Green a 99% chance of an overthrow at this point....luckily, Jed Lowrie's rehab is going well with 80% strength in his left wrist.

D Vicino said...

I should rephrase....80% range of motion in his left wrist, very different than strength. Either way, let's hope he gets back soon.

Anonymous said...

anyone else think Papi hates himself even more now that he's watched Tek trot around the bases 6times?

How many bombs will Tek hit before Papi gets one? 15??

D Vicino said...

Anonymous...looks like your question has been answered (although who would have thought Tek would have 7 taters at this point?). Ortiz spoiled us with a double after the homerun as well. As much as we have all hammered him, you have to be happy for Papi. Let's hope this triggers the revival of Boston's number three hitter.

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