Saturday, May 2

The Talk of the Town for all the Wrong Reasons

Back in 2004, David Ortiz was the most popular professional sports player in Boston. Tom Brady was looking up at this guy on the list of fan favorites.....what a difference 4 or 5 years can make.

For those of you outside of the Boston area (and we know there are a some of you reading this), know and understand that the David Ortiz question is on every one's mind and tongue...and with Tony Mazz's article today, the city is on edge in regards to its number three hitter. Patience is growing thin, and the assumption that Ortiz is just in a "slump" is starting to mold into thoughts we're all dreading to hear, that Big Papi is no more.

It's currently 1:30pm, I've heard or read about questions about Ortiz in the paper, from the ITMGal, on the radio, at the gym....and I'm pretty sure if I had made it to Chinatown I would have heard it there too. A healthy amount of skepticism is necessary, but it is bordering on insanity in this city. Some people want him benched, others want him moved to the number 8 spot in the lineup....and now Tito is facing some serious questions and decisions: "I guess I’d always consider doing what’s in our team’s best interest,’’ Francona said when asked if he considered it a viable option to move Ortiz down in the lineup. "I think it does more harm than good. We’ve had pretty much a set lineup [in recent years]. Three days ago, when we were winning 11 out of 12, nobody was asking that. I don’t know that it’s the best thing to do.’’ Good point Tito, but I'm not sure the majority of people are in agreement.

Of course the steriods question is flooding into all of our minds. Let's be honest, everyone is a question mark and just because he is a Boston player, he should be no different. He's gone from smashing 54 homeruns, to sitting on a goose egg after a full month of baseball. Sure his 54 homeruns was in 2006, technically after the "steroid era", but there is still no real test for HGH. I'm not accusing him of anything, but I'm just saying we've got to at least consider it an option.....and don't get me started on the age question....both questions we may never know the true answer to, but we still need to ask it.

Perhaps he'll come out and hit a tater tonight, the Sox will win a few games in a row, and these concerning conversations will fade away.....but Big Papi has yet to give us any reason to believe. Entirely different from 2004.


Soxin09' said...

The steriod question has to be asked, we've been running away from it for too long, the rest of the country already assumes that's the problem.

Dale Sams said...

I'll say the same thing I've said a hundred times at PSD.

1)There's no proof HGH helps like steroids do.

2) History is littered with batters who pop a lot of home-runs, get injured and then fall off into nothing.

DVicino said...

Dale...can't say I disagree with either of your points. I'm merely presenting the options which may explain the drop off. Like Soxin09' mentioned, steriods is one explanation the rest of the country already assumes to be true. It could be, and hopefully is a number of other things, but most of all, we're all hoping it's just a slump he'll find his way out of.

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