Wednesday, May 27

This is Why LA Fans Are Dumb....

Manny Ramirez is selfish, a liar, and a cheat. Apparently all of that doesn't matter to people in LA and to the other Manny "fans" out there. How can someone who has been suspended for 50 games in the first half of the season for steroid use become an all-star starter? Because there are a lot of stupid fans out there, especially in LA, and this continues to confirm it.

Manny currently sits in fourth place among outfielders in the NL, well within reach of a starting spot which is determined by fan voting. It amazes me how popular this guy remains out there. Granted, we here in Boston put up with a lot of his antics, but I'd like to think people here are intelligent enough to know that voting for him after what transpired earlier this season would be a disservice to not only another deserving player, but to the overall game of baseball. You don't see Bostonian's lining up to vote for Ortiz do you?...and that's a totally different story.

Manny's MLB suspension is up on July 3rd (barring rain outs), about a week prior to the All-Star break, so there is a good chance he'll be stumbling around left field in the mid summer classic. If this nightmare comes true, not only would the fans be voting in a known cheater, but also someone who hasn't even had the chance to put up the numbers to warrant him being there.

It's tough to blame MLB here, given the rules of selection process, but perhaps a change is needed. The NFL changed their rules when Shawn Merriman was caught bench pressing cars and shooting himself up in San Diego, no suspended player is allowed to partake in the NFL's Probowl game.

If I was the commish, I would have forced the removal of Manny's name off of the ballet. Then again, I may have also assumed fans couldn't possibly be this dumb.

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