Monday, June 1

Might the Sox get some Brotherly Love?

Word is that the Phillies are lighting up the switchboards and looking to make a move to shore up their rotation. Brett Myers, the Phillies 28 year old righty, was placed on the 15 day DL this weekend, but is expected to be out something along the lines of 4 to 5 months. The Phillies, with their stacked lineup, know that the principal obstacle to a repeat is their starting pitching, and they're not happy just to plug up the holes with a AAA prospect. They're on the market.

Their reported wish-list, depending on availability and price, is Peavey, Oswalt, Lee, and Bedard, with Peavey likely their number one choice, though it's unknown (he has that no-trade clause, as Chicago will tell you) how he'd feel about a trade to Philadelphia. If they can't get one of those four, they reportedly will focus their efforts on getting an experienced righty to play foil to Hammels.

When you mention sub-elite, high-performing, experienced righties, one name in particular springs to mind: Brad Penny. Despite not really looking all that great, the man is in the top 10 in the AL in wins and winning percentage (the mark of a crafty veteran, the ability to do just enough?) with a 5-1 record. He's been one of the steadier presences for the Sox, and of late has looked particularly effective and comfortable on the mound. But with Smoltz going 7 in AAA and Buchholz pushing perfect games into the 9th, he also looks expendible (knock on wood), as we all know.

The Phillies have some prospects that might interest the Sox, too. Namely 23 year old catching prospect Lou Marson, who projects as an everyday catcher in the big leagues and is an OBP-centric hitter, just the Sox style. The name might sound somewhat familiar because when Buchholz's stock was low this past offseason, there was some talk of a Sox-Phillies trade with those two at the center of some package. Marson's 2009 numbers are down a bit following his 2008 demolition of the Eastern League, but by all accounts, he's got a lot of talent and would fit nicely into the Sox system.

Best guess is that the Phillies make a move for Bedard. They're squawking about his attitude, but likely that's just a negotiating ploy. Bedard has come on strong of late, and no one is denying his stuff. Maybe Peavy is the top of the list, but I'll bet they think Bedard is their most realistic bet.

Here's hoping, though, that realism sinks the Phillies a bit further, and maybe, just maybe, the Sox find that perfect match, that NL hitter-heavy organization in need of a righty. It could be in the stars.

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