Monday, June 15

Report: Wilson Trade Not Likely

According to a recent article out of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzate, the potential trade between the Red Sox and the Pirates for their gold-glove caliber short stop Jack Wilson appears all but dead. For the last few weeks Theo has been shopping around a similar strategy as he took in 2004 where he keyed in on the team's defensive liabilities.

Somehow, Jack Wilson is considered the Pirates prize possession and "franchise player". Apparently, that means they expect some of Boston's best young arms back in return....which I imagine Theo met with a "are you kidding?"....that's just not going to happen. Good for Theo for not making an irrational short term move.

After surprising us all on Saturday with a 4 for 5 day at the plate, Lugo reminded quickly reminded us why we hate him yesterday with another throwing error.....what seems like his 76th of the season at this point. Jed Lowrie is slated to take live batting practice in Lowell today in preparation for an upcoming rehab start this week.

We should consider any offensive output out of the short stop position a plus at this point. Clearly this lineup can hit, so hopefully Lowrie can focus on solidifying the defense up the middle of the field.

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